Friday, April 1, 2011

Fill-in-the-blanks FRIDAY

Thanks to all that is good and wonderful, today is FRIDAY! For some reason I've been so exhausted this week. I was in bed before 8pm last night and when the alarm went off this morning I wanted to cry.

And then my morning went like this: after breakfast and getting ready for work, I went to put on my monogram ring (one of my favorites and a gift from Amanda) and I couldn't find it. I searched maybe ten minutes before deciding to just sulk about it and put on a different ring, and so I did...and realized the monogram ring was already on my finger.

I then went downstairs to gather my things and head to work. I had to climb up on the counter to reach the only travel coffee mug left, in the back of the cabinet. I poured the coffee, got out the creamer, and knocked the mug of coffee all over the counter. I took it as a sign...

and let Starbucks make my coffee this morning. Meet my grandé skim peppermint latté. Yes, grandé. I just didn't think the tall was going to cut it this morning.

I've always been told that things happen in threes, so I spent the drive to work SURE I was going to hit a deer, or a person, or a telephone pole. But surprise surprise, none of the above ensued. Woo hoo! I was, however, asked by a coworker two doors down, via email, if I have a spoon. I did. And I was hoping I wasn't the butt of a joke and that she wasn't going to follow it up with..."wanna spoon with me?", or something equally as horrifying.

Anyhow, happy frickin Friday!! Onto the goods...
  1. The best prank I ever pulled was  something lame; probably the time I helped my mom with a surprise birthday party for my stepdad. It was epic, but I'm not sure that it's a "prank". I've sort of sworn off of pranks ever since an unfortunate April Fool's joke in college (not done by me, but blamed on me) gone horribly wrong.
  2. The best prank ever pulled on me was  again, this isn't exactly a "prank", but I'm not feeling very nostalgic today. When I won my award last week, my coworkers very slyly kept it a secret from me, which was awesome.
  3. A day without  love from the dog  is a day wasted.
  4. The most important things in life are  relationships. All kinds of relationships. And purple. And peanut butter. And cookies.
  5. I dream of  Genie! (no, not really.) I dream of all sorts of strange things. I'm not sure where most of my dreams come from and I wish I could dream of normal things, like flying purple unicorns.
  6. I dread  getting up in the morning to go to work. I love my job, I just wish there were more hours between nighttime and morning time to get more sleep.
  7. A discovery I made this week was  it's all right here. The days of referring to myself as a "dork" are definitely over.
(courtesy of thelittlethingswedo)

And now, in honor of April Fools' Day, a prank that my stepdad said he and his siblings used to pull on each other when they were younger: Put a rubber band around the kitchen sink sprayer so that the trigger is engaged and when the unsuspecting victim turns on the water, it sprays at them. Video here (because it's just funnier to see it in action).

Happy Friday!



  1. LOVE that rubber band trick! We used to do that all the time growing up. I'm sure my parents loved it:-) So glad it's Friday! Have a great day:-) xoxo

  2. Oh dear! I've definitely had mornings like yours. I HATE when I'm looking for things that I'm already wearing or even holding. Yikes.

    Yes, some days your need a grande from starbucks :)

    Hope the rest of your day is AMAZING!

  3. Also a fun trick is to dump a bunch of confetti in the AC vents in someone's car and leave the AC on high so when they turn it on they get blasted with confetti!