Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review (sort of): Bob Harper Cardio and Strength workout DVDs (the short versions)

So, on Sunday I set out to partake in and review the "short" versions of two of Bob Harper's Inside Out Method workout videos:
Cardio Conditioning and Super Strength

First, a word about the full (1-hour) Cardio workout.  Kara reviewed the full Cardio workout here, and I mostly agree, although I tried doing it again yesterday and I found it to be extremely BORING! It's a tough workout and I'm pretty sore today, but it's not very cardio-centric at all and after about the first million or so "suitcase swings" and weighted deadlifts, i just wanted to move on. He eventually does, but then comes back to them! That's when I turned the DVD off and did the rest of my workout by cleaning the house and my car. Yes, I basically just said that I'd choose cleaning over doing this workout again. I still love Bob, but I'm pretty sure I'll be giving away this DVD.

I'd like to quote Kara, and also share a video I took as a demonstration. Kara says,
"The people doing the workout with Bob in the video (is there a term for that? Fitness demonstrators?) are hilarious to watch. That was my favorite part of the workout. The one dude turns a lobster shade of red and Bob jokes that he's going to puke after the workout. I was pretty sure he was going to puke during the workout. Blondie Backtalk on the left makes you have to do an extra set of jumping jacks and if you watch her, you can catch her rolling her eyes at Bob at least twice. My absolute favorite is the teeny tiny brunette that Bob refers to as "Little Bit" even though a more accurate nickname would be "Furious Hamster". Seriously, it's worth it to do this workout just to see her do jumping jacks. If you can watch her do them without giggling, more power to you."

Try to do jumping jacks as quick as the little one. Just TRY. It's not easy. And also, please notice the dude's wimpy jumping jacks. That's pretty much a reflection of his effort all the way through the video. Very disappointing.

Ok, on to the task at hand: The short versions of these two videos. First, they're basically the same workout which really makes no sense since one is supposed to be cardio and one is supposed to be strength. Also, these are supposed to be 25-minutes each, but that's including the warm-up and cool-down, so these are actually about 15-minutes each. I did them back-to-back and was barely sweating (and I sweat a LOT!). In Bob's defense, he does mention at the beginning of the strength workout that it's for beginners. BUT, during the full version of the cardio workout, he stresses more than once that "a 10-minute workout isn't a real workout".

I wish these two workouts were more like 30 minutes each (not including warm-up and cool-down), and that the cardio video was more cardio.

All-in-all, I didn't really enjoy these videos, but that doesn't mean the full versions aren't full workouts. I just wish there was more variety to keep me interested. Also, this may be someone's favorite workout style. You never know until you try!

I might have to do a giveaway for anyone interested in trying these out.



  1. You know, I found that workout to be kind of boring too. So many swings of that weight!

    I bet I could take Little Bit in the sparring ring :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your review. I really need to find a solid home workout video......and then some motivation to do it :)