Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday inspiration

A few weeks ago I came across The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose. Specifically, her Baby Animals collection. I'm in love and I want them all. Since I don't have my own place, and only four bedroom walls, I've decided I'd like to buy four of them for my pregnant friend's baby shower (which won't be until September, so I've got some time :), for her to create a fun collage for the baby's room.

A few of my favorites:

Baby white tiger

Baby bobcat

Baby chick

Baby porcupine
I mean, come on, the porcupine! Who wouldn't want that cute fella hanging on their wall? Unfortunately there is no penguin, or I'm sure penguin would trump porcupine.

I love how clean and simple the images are. I also want one of each as a pet. Except for maybe the porcupine. Sorry, dude.


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