Thursday, April 28, 2011

The strangest Amazon search ever

Did you know that there are about a bazillion different types of spoons?

At home, we have this one spoon that I always use, so it's in the dishwasher about 90% of the time. The days when it's clean and in the silverware drawer, it's literally like finding gold. I know it'll be a good day. Yes, I do realize this is weird.

I got home to VA for Easter and realized my mom has, like, four of them! I told her in my best trying-to-contain-my-excitement voice, "I love these spoons!" She then told me that she always uses them and they're her favorite ones also. (Further proof that I'm not adopted).

The spoons in question are these

and from my extensive internet research, I've decided that they are bouillon spoons. I also found out that there are about a bazillion more different brands and types of bouillon spoons. Who knew?!

And so, our search continues to find some to add to our collection.

The funnies part of all this, in my opinion, are the descriptions of the spoons and the reviews people left.


Oneida Satinique Bouillon Spoon 18/10

"Subtle. Satiny. Sophisticated. This stainless flatware design inspires timeless beauty with its bright, delicately, sculpted border."

...I do love when my spoons are subtle, yet sophisticated.

Needlepoint S/S Bouillon Spoon, 5-3/4"

"Like a strand of fine pearls, this classic 18/8 stainless pattern is always in style, always appropriate. A delicate beaded border defines its graceful shape, ... this spoon is splendid for soup entrees or is equally useful for sugar."

...always appropriate? What if what I actually need is a fork? Or a sword?

"Great Quality item for a great price. Looks more expensive than they are. With a great place setting, helps to make overall presentation of the product an easy breeze."
..."easy breeze". I wonder if Cover Girl considered their theme ever being used to describe a spoon.

"Used as everyday flatware for my grandsons who thrive on soups and cereals! You can't go wrong with these. They are as heavy and stiff as the more expensive ones."
...That's what she said!

"They did not rust after being lying around in the sink before being washed." inner grammar nazi is screaming.


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  1. You know, I just bought a four pack of spoons from Target because I was tired of running out of spoons before I bothered to run the dishwasher. I put 0.00001% of your level of thought into my spoon purchase. My thought process "Hey, these are shiny. Oh, they're on sale!" :)