Tuesday, July 12, 2011

32 legs

That's eight humans and four dogs, that we crammed into a beach cottage that sleeps six people comfortably.

I had this dream of taking an entire week of vacation. I haven't done that in well over five years. A whole week at the beach, instead of just a long weekend. And so, I finally did it. And it was so worth it! We stayed at my grandparents' cottage in Myrtle Beach, SC. Having a beach cottage in the family is the best idea ever. I think they've had it since Jeremy and I were a year old (or so). Completely and totally awesome.
Pippi and her Uncle Jeremy

Mother/daughter moment

Sandy, Rocco, and Pippi's butt.

This is the first morning, right after breakfast. We napped it up real nice.

She's only photogenic when she isn't aware of the camera.

She was a hit with the entire family. This is my dad talking "puppy" to her.
I think she understood what he was saying.

My half brother, Zeth, was a great dog-sitter.

We found fun dress-up materials in the 4th of July golf cart decorating bin.

Pippi did NOT approve of us being down there when she was up here.

Lexi, Rocci, and Pippi on the deck. Sandy wasn't allowed because she could
fit through the rails and, well, that could end up badly.

Every year there's a 4th of July golf cart "parade" through the cottage neighborhoods. This was our cart this year. It was truly a team effort.

Amanda and I actually missed out on the parade because we were napping. Yes, there was lots of napping. I love sleep.

Grandpa reading the paper, his favorite activity :)

Sandy likes stinky shoes, apparently.

I'm relatively sure this one is supposed to be turned another
way, but you get the gist.

I want her energy.

Pippi, napping beside my "bed" (a mattress on the floor).

Grandma brushing out Sandy. We had to move that chair in front of the steps,
behind the baby gate because, in an attempt to get to me at one point, Pippi
jumped over it. Right behind that gate is a full flight of stairs. If I had seen
her jump, I'm pretty sure I'd have had a heart attack.

I had been toying with the idea of getting another ear piercing, and I saw this picture one day and thought it looked cool. I'd never thought of piercing that part, but I decided I wanted to do it (but just one, not three, since I have three in my lobes already).

So Amanda and I found a piercing place that was un-creepy and clean, and I got it done!

I only did one ear...for now. Maybe next Summer I'll get the other one done. Did it hurt? YES! The guy who did the piercing was hilarious. Maybe if I ever fully collect the conversation that ensued, I'll post about it. It was relationship advice that actually seemed to make sense...from a guy three years younger than me. Yeah, I know.

And, in closing, here's your daily tidbit: the consumption of poop has a name: coprophagia.
I know I've used this picture before, but let's face it, it's a classic.



  1. Your vacation sounds awesome. I'm going to the beach for a week with my whole mom's side of the family and it's going to be awesome. The only downside is we can't bring Bungee girl. There will still be lots of napping though.

    Love the new piercing!

  2. I'm jealous of your vacation! I have always wanted to vacation with the dog, but it's never been an option. We're thinking about doing a beach house vacation next summer, which could be a Peanut-included vacation :)

    Your ear looks so painful to me. Piercings oog me out for some reason. I'm down with tattoos, but not piercings.

  3. 1. Your golf cart is sweet!
    2. Naps rule
    3. 5 years??? You deserved that week!
    4. I LOVE Pippi's ears!!
    5. That piercing looks incredibly painful

    Vacations are awesome...so glad you had such a great time!! :)

  4. I love the piercing! I love getting things pierced, but I feel like I've run out of viable options. I'm the opposite of Kara, tattoos scare the hell out of me. Also, I think we need a blogger get together at the beach house. Obviously.