Friday, July 22, 2011

Verdict: GU is....guey

First off, I'd like to let you all know that the latest shipping news on my Garmin is that it departed from Hebron, KY last night at 9:30pm. I sure wish Kentucky wasn't so far away (about 9 hours, driving. I just looked it up). Also, I need name suggestions for it (and also, is it a male or female? And no, I refuse to name it Rage).
I may be red, but I'm not angry.

Yesterday I tried GU for the first time. I was planning to have a great run (which didn't happen), but I'm pretty sure the Espresso Love GU wasn't to blame.

Kara's advice to me about consuming the GU:
Squeeze some in your mouth and try to swallow in one clump (like a pill). Don't slosh it around your mouth like a fine wine. Wash it down with a ton of water and you'll be good.
Here's how it went down:
I was scared.


...but I had chasers!

Here goes nothin!

This is a whole lot more than a "shot"!
Do I have to swallow it?
(Heh...that's what she said?)

The verdict.

Ok, so it wasn't that bad, but it wasn't awesome. Still, I'll give it another chance. I've got four more flavors to be tortured with try. I'm really curious about the "sports beans". I may have to give them a try as well. There's just something about the amount of stuff in each GU packet that seems daunting to me.

I kept burping up the flavor of it, but really I didn't mind so much because it didn't taste awful.

When I got home from the gym, "dinner" was
A plate full of amazingness

It's all I wanted to eat and when I was done eating it, I wasn't hungry anymore...until I went to bed last night and then I was starving. Coincidentally, I didn't sleep great last night. Sometimes my brain lets me down like that.

And now, a confession. My motivation for getting to the gym today (instead of doing an at-home workout) is that last Friday "hot guy" waved at me and I'm hoping for a reenactment. And also, he's hot and we all need something nice to look at while torturing ourselves, right?

So, Let me know what you think about names for The Garmin and what you'd imagine its gender to be.
It's a very important decision!



  1. Yeah the taste of GU isn't what kills you, it's the consistency. I find that when I eat it during a run, like while my legs are still moving, it's WAY easier to swallow than if you do it before a run or on a rest break. It might be psychological, but it works.

  2. I know what you mean about the VOLUME of gel in the seems like SO MUCH doesn't it?? it takes me forever to get one down and I haven't mastered the art of doing it on the run yet :)

  3. You should try cliff shot blocks! They're like giant gummy bears! They're all lined up in the pack so you can easily squeeze one block out at a time. I've tried the cran/raspeberry flavor and thought it was awesome.

    I have that same Garmin! I didn't name mine, but I'm pretty sure it's a dude.

  4. I can't do beans or shot blocks while I'm running because they get stuck in my teeth and annoy me.

    Ooooh, I hope hope Hot Gym Guy says "hi" today instead of just waving. :)

    I really want to name your Garmin "Rage" but if that's off the table I'm going to vote for "Willy".

    "Oh, I'm busy. I'm taking my Willy out for a run"

  5. LOVE the pics but if it wasn't so calorific and expensive I would eat Gu as dessert all the time. LOVE it. That's how I get through marathons "4 miles till Gu....3 miles till Gu.....". Who are all these Gu - haters that you know? Everyone in my running club feels the same way I do. I've gotten sports beans from races and they are fine for training runs, but they take forever to eat so I would never buy them. I would name my Garmin the Bible, because I live by it.

  6. Shot Blox give me a wicked urge to puke. I like some of the Gu flavors (chocolate and vanilla), but they make me incredibly thirsty. Your pictures are hilarious!