Thursday, July 14, 2011

It hurts in my brain

A normal day in the life.
..except today I'm still feeling Monday-ish.

You guys, this week is kicking my butt hardcore. And I'm not even talking about working out (although tonight is my first spinning class, so I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a painful day).

For one thing, the dogs. Holy crap, do they have it out for me this week. I'm not sure why, but they've been terrors. This morning from the time I got up to the time I left for work (Pippi had me up at 3am, so for THREE hours), they did this:
(Please excuse the mess on the floor. Pippi murdered a rope toy while I was sleeping and I was too tired to clean it up at this point. rewatching it, please also excuse my mumbling. I'm not saying anything interesting, I promise.)

Later on in the morning, Rocco grabbed ahold of one of Pippi's ears and she squealed. I had to put an end to the madness then, because if he ever were to go Mike Tyson on her and she lost one of her ears, I'd be in mourning big time.

An uncanny resemblance to the video above, no?

Also, Pippi's new thing is to run into the woods. Now, the house sits on three acres of land, but that's just not enough for her. She has to explore the outskirts. I refuse to have her on the electric fence that my brother uses for Rocco. I don't like electric fences. At all. But I don't want to have to take her out in the yard on the leash so she can't run around. (You did see how much energy they have, right?) The only thing is, that when she gets out there, she doesn't want to come when called, so I end up having to either chase her down or wait for her to come back (praying she never decides not to come back). When she does come back out of the woods, I immediately scold her and then give her "the silent treatment". People with experience training dogs, will this eventually work to keep her out of the woods? I mean, it worked for house-training. (Yes, I know it's a leap).

So anyhow, she has done it in the morning and evening for the past couple of days. I really need to put a stop to it somehow.

At work, we're putting together files from a campaign my division worked on last year to hopefully win a design award. It's got lots of details and lots of different print pieces and has been a bear to put together, but we're close to getting it finished. We're trying to get it in the mail today, so if that happens, I'll share some of it tomorrow. (My first time sharing my designs on the blog. Watch out!)

And now, In keeping with the theme this week of TMI and discussions of poop and menstrual cups, I was challenged to share some information that you really don't want to hear, however I'm not one to back down from a challenge. This challenge began with me making a comment about someone updating the world via Facebook about the status of their baby's poop. We then decided it's only inappropriate to discuss such things if it's not humorous. (It's gotta be funny, people!) Well, in an un-humorous fashion I want to let you all now that, after telling the world via Daily Mile that I had to go #2 all through my workout class yesterday, finally I pooped this morning and it was healthy (woo hoo!) (I told you you didn't want to hear it. See what I mean now, world?! Humor is key.)

...and challenge complete :)



  1. hahahahahahah! Alright, send me your address, I'll send you something good :). Glad everything came out ok.

  2. POOP!

    Have you tried bribing Pippi to come back? Peanut comes when I call MUCH faster if I have a treat in my pocket.

  3. Kara, that's a good idea. I'm an idiot. Why had I not thought of that?

  4. Dude, ears bleed like crazy! My dogs are really bad about accidentally catching each other's ears and it makes a huge mess. Also, they poop a lot. I feel like I needed to throw in something about poop. We get Delilah back by pulling out the tennis ball because she loves to fetch.

  5. A good recall has to be trained before it works off leash consistently. I can lend you a long line and show you how to work on it. But Kara is along the right track. Don't scold her when she comes back or she might think you don't want her to come back. Praise her when she comes back to you. Shower her with treats when she returns (on her own will). We teach 30 seconds of treats for a really drives the message home. But we can chat more at work on Monday if needed.

  6. My husband and I listened to a 45 minute podcast on poop. Now that's how to keep things romantic in a marriage. Glad things worked out for you! No advice about the dogs, but I seriously loved the visuals in this post!