Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's all about the accessories

Ok, you seasoned runners, I need assistance. Somewhere around two to three months ago, I purchased my current running shoes, and they've been good to me. I wanted to possibly order another pair soon, before they stop making/selling them (as happens with just about everything in life that I decide I like. Gatorade, don't even think about discontinuing your lemon-lime G2 or I will chase you down!)

So anywho, here are the little darlings. Saucony Ride 2.

If you clicked on the link, you found that "No inventory is available for the selected product." See what I mean?! I wanted to cry. I cannot find them anywhere. Now, they are making the Saucony Ride 3 and 4. Does this mean that it's essentially the same shoe, but just a newer "style"? Will they fit the same if I go for the upgraded number?  

Any expertise for your favorite wanna-be runner? :)

And now, my current running accessories wish list:

A headlamp (thanks to Kari's suggestion :). I can't decide what color I'd get, though.

A water bottle to carry on long runs (thanks to Kara's suggestion). i mean, hello, it comes in purple!

And another suggestion from Kari, Stuffitts Shoes Savers. I've always shied away from running outside in the rain because I didn't want to ruin my running shoes (they're expensive, you know!) Well, these suckers supposedly dry your shoes out and keep 'em de-stinkified. Unfortunately, again, I'd have to choose only one color. <sigh>

I also want to get a RoadID. I can't decide which one, though. I was thinking one for my shoe, but dude, they make a purple wrist one!

Eventually I'm sure I'll be adding cold-weather running clothing, but financially I just can't think about that yet.

I also found something pretty cool that I'd probably never need, seeing how I most likely will never be running a full marathon, but maybe you'd be interested. The PaceTat; a temporary tattoo with all of your mile split goals printed in large font so that you can read easily while running. Pretty awesome, right?

What running accessory can you not live without?

Do you have another accessory that I should add to my list?

Today is day 2 of "training". Day one was pretty much an epic fail, but I have high hopes for my four miles today. Cross your fingers!



  1. I have that same hand held water bottle and love it! :) I also have a Camelbak that I wear for my long runs since it holds more water.

    I also love my Garmin, my Road ID (I have the wrist one) and I wear Brooks Adrenalines shoes. I think the current model of the shoes you like should be the same but I am not sure?? You can always go to a running store and try them on :)

  2. DON'T get the Saucony 3 without trying them on first!!!! They change the fit of shoes all the time when they discontinue or 'update' them. It's a pain. But check out roadrunnersports.com, kellysrunningwarehouse.com, holabirdsports.com, and even sierratradingpost.com to see if they have your shoes in stock. I was wearing Brooks Ghost for almost two years after they discontinued it, and it was usually way cheap!

  3. I've always just bought the same size in the latest model with no problem. I agree with Kim about trying them on at a running store if you are unsure.

    My go to accessories are my Garmin 305, a sweatyband, CEP compression socks and now the camelback. Actually, the camelback is just sort of my go to life accessory (not that I'm drinking out of it in bed, because that would just be ridiculous).

  4. Go to a running store! I love my blog friends but no one reading your blog can know what shoe for you to get, and the wrong shoes can lead to injury. Hardcore. Which is lame. I say you need the road ID and handheld asap, those are huge. My road ID is a shoe wallet that holds $ and key, love it. I only use my headlamp in the winter, as I don't usually run in the middle of the night, so that can probably wait. BODY GLIDE is a necessity for me. Also I have these ice packs that strap to my knees that I really like, makes icing a little easier than using frozen peas. I'll probably think of more and tweet you. Whoever said all you need is shoes for running was delusional.

  5. Usually when they update the shoe, they change something, so you'll need to try them on. Don't just go to Sports Authority, try to find a running store. Be a cheap bastard like me and get them to fit you and then go home and order it off Amazon to save the 5 bucks :)

    I really like my SpiBelt for holding my iPod and Gu while I run and I think it comes in purple! :)