Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pet me

When I was in daycare a million and a half years ago, one of the daycare workers had a pet chinchilla. Jeremy and I were always the first ones there in the morning (and were a bit older than most of the kids), so we were allowed to help take care of him. If you've never seen a chinchilla, they look like this:

and they are awesome little creatures, super soft, and don't bite. They "bathe" daily in a special dust because if they were to get wet, their hair would fall out. I found a video of a dust bath because it's just awesome. It makes me want to take daily dust baths.

Today, I want to know:

If you could have any animal as a pet, what animal would you choose?

I'd choose either a chinchilla or a penguin. The chinchilla gets the edge because penguins like cold environments and I like warm, sunny, cozy ones. They are super cute, though.




  1. My husband is obsessed with penguins. He thinks they are the coolest and lobbied pretty hard to name our dog Penguin when we got her. Luckily I won that battle. Bungee is a way better name.

    If I could have any pet, it'd probably be a seal. Have you seen 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea? After that, all I wanted was a seal for a pet.

  2. I love this little video! I used to really want a pet chinchilla and then like many things I read to much into it and change my mind. I have a fish now but I think if I could have any pet it would have to be a dog. I love dogs and I can deftly take care of them them best.

  3. Chinchillas are supercute! My neighbor had one when I was a kid, they are so amazingly soft. Is no pet an option???

  4. I'd want chichillas because you can easily bred them and then sell them for profit (their super soft fur makes fashionable apparel) Too much? I actually knew a girl in college who did that and took herself in Mexico on the chinchilla money. :)

  5. I have always wanted a chinchilla, but I'm sure I'd be allergic to it (if Delilah didn't devour it). I've actually priced pet penguins online for fun, but husband says no. I also went through a phase of wanting a capybara. I love animals, so I'd pretty much take any pet.

    After reading Kara's comment, I'm going to the pet store to get breeding chinchillas. Mama needs a new pair of shoes!

  6. OMG!!! How cute are those chinchilla's??? Love it!!! :) My husband wants a pot bellied pig so bad...yeah, not happening! ;)