Thursday, July 7, 2011

You bought WHAT?

Whenever I see a commercial for a new device that's supposed to give you "quick and easy" weight loss or muscle toning results, I have to shake my head (and throw things at the TV). One weekend morning when I was at the gym, an informercial was on the TV advertising a weight loss CD. The claim was that, by listening to this CD, you could "lose weight while you sleep!" Sadly, they wouldn't be selling these things if people weren't actually buying them.

Top on my list of ridiculous workout inventions? The Shake Weight.

I'm sure you've heard of this and may have even seen this video. I can't even watch this video. It freaks me out. The motion, the sounds Dude makes. I just...I just can't.

Moving on.

I also cannot stand those weird walking shoes that are supposed to get rid of cellulite as you walk (and whatever other ridiculous claims they make. It's yet another way for people to think they're taking the easy way out. Dear people, the easy way does not exist! Buy real shoes!

There are several other inventions I think are particularly absurd, but I want to know, what fitness "inventions" do you find laughable?



  1. that bowflex treadmill is ridiculous! Just put a regular treadmill on an incline!

  2. Don't laugh at that treadclimber. It will make you cry for your mommy.

  3. I love how I see people in those shoes, stuffing their faces with cake. But it's ok, because they are wearing the shoes! Two of my favorites are: woman pouring one of those green tea flavored crystal light packets into her bottle of water, telling me it would help her lose weight, and a morbidly obese teacher I work with (over 400 lbs), erasing a kids paper, telling me she was getting a workout from all the erasing and was going to lose 25 pounds. I am desperate to try a shake weight...I just have to know....

  4. Have you seen the southpark version of that?

  5. Every time I see the shake weight, I think of the South Park version and lose it cracking up. My favorite exercise infomercial is for the Gazelle. I want to give Tony Little a haircut so bad!