Thursday, July 21, 2011

The plan

On Monday I will *officially* be "training". Wee! I've found a 15k training plan online that seems pretty good. It's ten weeks long and there are 19 weeks until the big 15k, so I've decided I'll do each of the weeks twice, and the last week once. My only thing about this plan is that it has me doing a rest day the day after Thanksgiving. Yeah, we'll be switching that up for sure.

Here's the tentative plan

Can someone explain to me, in simple terms, how you do tempo runs and # x 800 runs? I'm not comprehending it for some reason. (To bring you up to speed, a couple of months ago I had to look up the definition of "PR". Yeah, I'm that far behind).

Today, i will be trying GU for the first time! I'm seriously hoping it isn't the consistency of what I'd imagine an oyster feels like going down. For some reason I imagine that it's going to be slimy and make me want to hurl. I hope not.
Supposedly Espresso Love is the best flavor. We'll see!

This made me laugh. I had to share.

I realized that I never updated everyone on my "dizzies" situation. My MRI was normal (whatever that really means), so I had a follow-up appointment with my doctor on Tuesday. At first, she was going to pass me off to an ENT (which I took to mean she was giving up, which I did not want to hear). I brought up the fact that my mom has Mitral Valve Prolapse, which is a genetic condition, and wondered if by any chance that could be the cause. She checked my heart again and didn't hear a murmur, so she ruled that out...for now. She then checked my ears and there is plenty of fluid in there still (I could have told her that!) So she did that thing where she holds up a finger and says, "follow my finger with your eyes" so I did and on the right side, I got dizzy right away (it's my right ear that's been bothering me). When she did it on my left side, it was ok., I'm currently on Prednisone until Sunday. It's supposed to take care of the fluid. If it doesn't, then she'll refer me to an ENT. Yes, I want to scream right now. Yes, I'm pissed off. Yes, I'm still having problems and if they're not gone before my 5k, someone might die.

Also, the doctor told me that my appetite may increase on Prednisone. You know, because I don't already have the appetite of an elephant.

Now onto the fun things: dog pictures!
Some of the positions she lays in crack me up. The fact that her
butt is on my pillow does NOT crack me up.

A-She's sitting like a person.
B-She's sitting backwards on the couch.
C-She's actually watching Amanda in the kitchen, which is
good because I don't know if I can afford doggie exorcism.

..and the insanity continues.



  1. OK, for tempo runs you start off nice and easy and then slowly increase your pace to tempo pace and then hold it there for the prescribed amount of time then you slowly bring it back down to cool down. For example, this is how I would interpret a "40 min tempo run": 10 mins nice and easy, 20 mins tempo pace then 10 mins nice and easy.

    For the speedwork you just have to run the distance at the pace provided. So a 4X800 at 5k pace means you run 2 laps at the track at 5k pace 4 times with either walking/jogging between each 800.

    I hope that helps! :) The training plan looks great!

    I can't wait to hear what you think about makes me sick to my stomach :( But I LOVE Hammer Gel which is basically the same thing. Strange.

  2. your 5k plan looks awesome!! Good luck and enjoy the insanity =) Makes life interesting.


  3. Tempo runs = run one mile easy and then run the middle miles at a pace that feels just slightly too hard (you can't have a conversation) and then run one mile easy to wrap it up.

    800s are just a fancy way of saying half a mile. You don't have to do them at the track, but fancy people do.

    Is Pippi getting bigger? She seems taller to me.

  4. Gu tip: squeeze some in your mouth and try to swallow in one clump (like a pill). Don't slosh it around your mouth like a fine wine.

    Wash it down with a ton of water and you'll be good :)

  5. I slam back the Gu like a college freshman at a frat house. I used to gag on it, but I've moved past that and now it goes down just fine. I actually looked at the same training plan, but I'm really far too lazy to do more than 8 on my own.

  6. I'm simultaneously SO excited about the hot chocolate race and for your training and SO mad about your medical problems! That is so frustrating. I hope the prednisone helps at least, and good thing it didn't increase your appetite! But your plan looks solid (looks like a Hal plan to me) and I can't wait to read all about it!