Friday, July 15, 2011

The one where I prove I'm using my college degree

Mom, i need a new rope to destroy. Isn't today payday?

Happy freakin Friday!
So, remember that big project at work that I talked about yesterday? We finally got it all complete and out the door around 2:45 yesterday afternoon. It is a contest entry for a campaign we worked on last year (by "we", I mean my department, the Marketing and Communications Dept), to aid in convincing cities and jurisdictions in North Carolina to pay their dues. (I won't go into the whole explanation of what the dues are and all that. Just go with it).

Many pieces went into the campaign: a brochure, postcards, web stories, letters, etc. My coworker (Robby) and I designed the brochure and postcards. He designed the postcards, and I mirrored the design from the postcards to design the brochure. 

The company holding the contest only wanted electronic files this year. This is a huge bummer because the brochure, specifically, was designed and created to be held, opened, and used. Because of this, we not only created electronic files to send, we had a professional photographer come and take shots of the pieces so that we could include those, hoping it would give a better understanding of how it all fit together.

And, without further ado, here's the brochure! (This picture doesn't do the color justice. It's much nicer than this). The bottom left of the cover has a die-cut that mirrors the arch in the design at the top, so that when it's folded shut, you see a bit of the blue and the logo at the bottom.
8.75" x 9" folded size. Green cover is die-cut to reveal blue tear-off bookmark

Inside (It's purple :) Shocking? Nope!). Blue panel is a tear-off bookmark
(The back of the brochure says "we're here", with address and contact info.)

The background on the inside has a list of the state government jobs that we support through publications, mentoring, classes, etc. The slightly transparent boxes have quotes from some of those people about our organization. (Yeah I know, blah blah blah...)

I thought I was going to have to defend the purple, but I didn't! My boss was all for it :)
The brochure along with the postcards, which make up the designed pieces
of the campaign. Postcards are 8.5" x 5.5".

We also sent electronic files to the judges, but those are a bit more boring than these, so I won't torture you with them.

At the last minute, I had to design the opening page of the project. This is the first page the judges will see when they open the file, with the electronic files of the other pieces immediately following. I went back and forth on the design of this one, because I didn't want to give too much insight into what the printed pieces look like just yet, but I was convinced by my coworkers (and we had no time for monkeying around), so *ta da*.

In other news: Last night Pippi peed on my bed AGAIN! She barked at me, and I didn't know why. And then she got up on the bed and started "digging" at the comforter. Does anyone else's dog do this? A few minutes later I noticed it was warm and wet. Now I know that when she barks she needs to go outside, and when she starts digging like crazy at the covers, she's trying to cover up her mistake. Ugh! Sometimes "live and learn" is a painful lesson. She definitely knew she messed up, so I take that as a good thing.

Good luck to everyone running races this weekend. (I'm looking at you, Kara and Alyssa :) Enjoy your carbs!



  1. Very cool!

    I'm putting together a package for you today. Hopefully I can mail it today, otherwise you have to wait til i'm back from vacation.

  2. Look at you all fancy using your degree. My sad little B.A. from Mason keeps sagging in it's frame. I think it's depressed from watching me read "A Very Hungry Caterpillar" for the 90th time and it wants to hide the fact that it says "B.A. in Development of Modern Literature" :)

  3. Your brochure looks great! It definitely looks like a winner to me!

  4. YAY! A shoutout! That looks amazing and it makes me feel like you are superimportant and I know some sort of government big wig. And by "know" I mean on the internet. It is really exciting to feel like all that hard work in college pays off sometimes! Thanks for all the good luck wishes - off to make some pasta now!

  5. Suh-weet! I wish my job was that cool, but I'm still getting a dang degree. Love the brochure, it's very fresh and clean looking!

  6. Nice job!!! Seriously, it looks great! And I like the purple ;)

    My dog has never peed on our bed bust just about everywhere else! He does the pawing at the comforter thing but only to make the covers more comfortable to sleep on ;)