Monday, July 18, 2011

Much-deserved gratitude

I'd like to start this week off by saying a big ol' THANK YOU to my blog "friends". (Yes, I've taken our relationship status to the next level). I'm seriously beginning to think starting this blog has been an inspiration in itself ...due to you all. (I live in "the south", but I will never ever use the term "y'all" <cringe>).

I know there are a lot of people out there who think that blogs and Twitter and social networking in general, is crap. To them, I say

I have plenty of days where I seriously feel like I have talked to no one all day...when we're busy at work, and then I put my headphones on and work out in my own little world at the gym, and then I get home and the only person who acknowledges my presence is the dog...and you all. You all keep me going. Also, in doing all that thinking this weekend, I've become inspired.
I will never make you feel un-appreciated, mom!

I had sort of given up on signing up for any races lately, mainly because I have no one around who is remotely interested in signing up for a race, or training with me. I can't even get anyone to take workout classes with me consistently, or to actually USE their gym membership and go to the gym with me. I've become accustomed to feeling like the weirdo. This doesn't really bother me, but it does get a little lonely.

I get weird looks when I want to go for a run on vacation or get up at 6am to go to the gym on a Saturday morning. I even get strange looks from strangers when I go to the grocery store or Subway in sweaty workout clothes. I'm either really strange looking or people in this place never work out hard enough to know what sweat looks like. I'm pretty sure I don't smell, but maybe I need to test that hypothesis.

Anyway, back to my point. It seems like everyone (meaning you all) is signing up for, and partaking in races, and being the competitive person that I am, I'm jealous!

Ever since I've been having the strange 'getting dizzy while working out' issue, I've really had very little inspiration to run or even to really push myself. Since my MRI was normal (meaning I'm not going to die of a ruptured aneurism or broken brain), I've decided to push myself a little more. I've been getting on the treadmill and doing circuits of running:walking, since the dizziness seems to kick in from amount of time running and not intensity. (Kim, I totally got this idea from you, and it's worked amazingly well for me. Thanks for telling us all about it! :)

So, I'm thinking now that I'd like to run another 5k and then possibly an 8k or 10k before the weather starts getting cold again, and then seeing how that goes, maybe train for something even bigger for next Spring/Summer. I am in need of a goal, you guys. I live for goals! Of course, this all depends on what the doctor says about my "condition" (which I hope goes away because it's ridiculous and annoying and I want it to die!) I have another doctor appointment tomorrow afternoon, for further investigation.

Thanks again for all your encouraging words, and for wondering if my MRI showed an unformed person in my brain, and for humoring me by putting up with my talk of poop and other boyish humor...and all that other important stuff. You are totally awesome :)

And now, a little glimpse of my weekend.

..until Pippi laid down with me yesterday afternoon when I got home from the gym, for a nap. Ahh..the moments that make it all worth it.
She crawled up on the couch and landed here on her own. I think that means
I'm her favorite :)



  1. we love you too. Blog friends are the best because you know we are all crazy too. I just ran 7 miles on vacation at my family is making fun of my compression sleeves, but I know you guys understand :). Totally sign up for races! Hope you hear good things from the doc.

    oh yeah, and I'm stealing pippi

  2. Blogging friends are the best because you get to pick them to match your own level of crazy. :)

    I adore that last picture of Pippi so much!

  3. don't do it. Racing is for weirdos.
    See previous two comments for proof.

  4. We love reading your blog! Thanks for sharing all your random thoughts with us!

    I think my family and friends are just used to my craziness - no one even batted an eye when I got up five hours after we went to sleep the day I was in my friend's wedding to go for a run. It was weird at first but I've got them acclimated now.

    Chocolate 15K - do it!

  5. I'm so excited to do a race with you! I love your blog (and Pippi) and you are so encouraging on my blog, Twitter and DailyMile. Thank you!

  6. Awww, bloggy friends are the best!! :) And I am jealous that you get to do a race with Kara, Sarah and Alyssa!! It looks like a lot of fun :) Oh, and P.S., I am going to steal Pippi ;)

  7. Sorry Kari and Kim but Pippi's mine :)