Thursday, September 1, 2011

Random week continuation


This morning. Oh wow, this morning. I woke up late and blamed it on my alarm clock (I forgot to turn the volume up after work yesterday so I guess technically it's my fault, but whatever). I sent a panicked email to my three immediate coworkers (one of which is my boss), that I'd be in as soon as I can. I have to take stupid public transportation to work, which added 45 minutes onto my commute to work this morning, so that didn't help.

Once I finally got to work a little before 9am (I normally get to work prior to 7am!), I told my coworker I had arrived and she said it was no big deal because she had just gotten in late, too. Coworker #3 said the same thing, as he strolled in about a half hour late. Did anyone else have the same issues? Is there a full moon? Is it the beginning of the month screwing up our brains? Aliens perhaps?

I gotta hope that if I was attacked by
aliens, they're cute and cuddly like
this guy.

We had a division meeting at work this morning in which my boss told me, "I wouldn't have even known you got in late. Besides, it's probably a good thing for you." I *heart* my boss.

Knee update:
Yesterday I partook in a spin class. I forgot how much I missed it! I think that's funny because it's actually complete agony. Beautiful, amazing agony. The instructor was a different kind of agony, but I'll spare you that nonsense. And now I like spinning even more because I didn't feel any pain in my knee at all the entire time. Low joint impact activities make me smile. I can tell it's still a little fragile, so I'm sticking to my 'no running until Saturday' plan.

In our meeting this morning, I talked to my boss about running my six-mile PDR in her neighborhood with lots of hills and sidewalks on Saturday morning. She said to come on by to get a water refill if I wanted to! I know I had talked about running with the running group, but their run starts at 8:30am and I hope to be done by then in order to get to a baby shower. So anyhow, I'll definitely have a fun update Monday morning (which hopefully will not include my collapsing to the ground with a broken knee).

Hopefully Saturday morning I will have finally earned my running skirt! The most glowing recommendation was for Skirt Sports and I've got my eyes on this one.

Probably in purple. DUH.

It looks like I'll be doing a good amount of research before buying. I'm so thankful for product reviews on the internet even though I forget a lot of times to write a review.

Also, I think it's funny that yesterday I held a sale in my etsy shop and had one sale. I had a suggestion to branch out in the items that I create and sell. Since my original plan was to do that anyhow, I guess now is as good a time as any to start thinking about the next "phase". Let me know if you have any suggestions!


  1. If you make it, I will buy it.

    Did that extra sleep feel awesome? Bad Pippi for not waking you up on time.

  2. Like Kara said, if you make it, I will buy it.

    Also, I can't wait for robots!

    I came into work late today, too, but that's because I had to let the generator cool down the fridge before I left. I want to punch this power outage in the face.

  3. I already made a suggestion for your etsy store, you stupid cow.

    (there, you happy?)

  4. I can't comment on new posts if there are no new posts. :(

  5. I agree with Kara and Kari!

    My husband assumes we don't even need an alarm because the dogs always wake him up between 4:30-6. I guarantee you, the day he counts on them waking us up before something important, the day they sleep until 10 AM.