Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Can dogs get the stomach flu?

I'd like to thank Kara for this little gem.

Not only did it make me almost spit my dinner out last night, but every time she brings it up, Pippi's ears really do remind me more and more of Yoda. My dog makes me laugh every day.

Oh yeah? Caption this, sucka!

I had a super spectacular morning of cleaning up dog vomit. It started around 2am when I was awoken by that awful sound of "dog-seconds-before-yakking" and then it happened again twice more later in the morning. Apparently Rocco threw up in my brother's room around 2am as well. Vomit party! Wee! I decided to go in to work late today just to make sure they were ok. I think they're fine now, but will be ready for dinner very early tonight.

So, training.

Saturday I set out to set a new PDR of seven miles. The only way I was going to do it was to venture to explore a new route. A friend told me to try a route, which would be 8 miles. Since I had yet to run 7 I just decided to run out 3.5 miles and then run back. No biggie. 

It looks innocent enough, right?

Yeah, it wasn't innocent. My butt can tell you.

Instead of making it to 3.5, I only made it to about 3.15 before I decided that as long as I make it over six miles, it's still a PDR (read: I wimped out a little bit).

That mark? That's where the devil lives.

To tell the truth, I was pissed off at the hills. I wanted to punch the hills.

But this Saturday I'll be tackling that route again, and this time I plan on making those hills go crying for their mamas.

I spent the majority of the rest of the weekend with my friend and her itty bitty baby girl.

Hopefully someday I'll have the honor of her calling me "Auntie Em" :)


  1. You should see the elevation map for the Baltimore marathon. I think I might die.

    Also, I want that baby. Badly.

  2. You will kill those hills next weekend! Also, I almost peed myself laughing at that picture!

  3. I avoid hills at all costs. I live near a pretty big one and I've fallen on it - hard - on my road bike. Not a fan of them walking either but I've been trying! You can so conquer them!

    Dog vomit sounds are the worse and cleaning them up sucks! Hope they are all better now!

  4. Since I have been doing Chi Running, hills have become my friend! Seriously.

    Sorry for the sick pooches.

  5. Your friend's baby is just adorable. Way too cute.

    You will totally crush those hills next weekend!

  6. I always want to punch hills. You're going to annihilate them next time!

    If the pups are throwing up like crazy, you might not want to feed them dog food till their stomachs settle. Rice and boiled chicken works wonders. Make sure to add lots of broth because they'll be dehydrated.

  7. I'm excited to hear about your new hill-conquering PDR!

    Oh! That baby is adorable. I'll take two please ;)