Thursday, October 13, 2011

Three (ridiculous) things Thursday

I'm feeling a bit unimaginative today. My imaginator is broken, if you will. And so, three randomly ridiculous things for your enjoyment.

  1. This gem is hanging in the hallway at work.

    I don't know whose idea it was to hang this up, but it disturbs me. It haunts me in my sleep. I see a woman with cookie monster's hands breast-feeding a baby. Anyone else? I have to see this thing every time I go to my office from the bathroom, the kitchen, the front door...I must find a way to make it die!

  2. The "p" word for vomit is my most hated word ever in the history of the world.
    Almost 18 years ago, my half brother was born (to my dad and stepmom). As he began to grow up and learned to tal, he realized that, by saying certain things, he could get out of doing things he was told to do. At the time, my stepmom had a herniated disc in her back and the phrase, "my back hurts" was a common one around the house. I actually think this may have been my half brother's first sentence.

    For some reason, we always had to treat this kid like he had just chugged an entire 2-liter of soda. If you did anything remotely "rough" with him, he would spew. Grossest. Thing. Ever. I mean, even play chasing him was illegal, unless you enjoyed cleaning up the aftermath. Also, if he started choking on food or coughing at all, he would barf. The word my stepmom always used to refer to it was the "p" word. Here, I'll spell it backwards: ekup. Now imagine a little kid in a cute little voice saying that he has to ekup. Over. And over. And over (and then doing it each time). I've officially reached my lifetime limit. Call it yakking, call it barfing, call it anything you want as long as it's not the 4-letter word beginning with the letter "p".

  3. This made me laugh out loud.

    ...mainly because this time it's not my dog who made the fluffy mess.

Happee Thirzdae


  1. the p-word in filipino means vagina... but we pronounce it poo-keh. :P

  2. Yes!! You took a picture of the awful art! I completely agree; it has to go.

  3. Wow, grossest kid EVER. I really hope mine doesn't do that. Shudder.

  4. That art is creepy. And I will officially never use that word on twitter again.