Friday, October 28, 2011

Competition time!

Yesterday I found this on Pinterest and laughed out loud. It's so true! If I walked into work without makeup on, I'm convinced people would think I'm ill. (Thanks, family, for the permanent under-eye dark circles).

Tell me it's not true :)

I'm currently in the process (along with a couple of other creative souls), of naming the headbands in my etsy shop. I want to spread the word and get more interest, and I think it calls for a brilliant marketing strategy beginning with a super fun name. I want this name to stand out and not be like all the rest of them. Mine are clearly the best ones! (BTW, If you have bought one [or two or seven :)] and wouldn't mind my using a quote from you to use on a flyer or poster, or even on the Facebook page, let me know!)

So far we've come up with some good ideas. Brainstorming is fun (thank you, BUT, I know there are some even better ideas floating around in your brains. Enter: THE COMPETITION (dun dun dunnnn).

Here's the deal-e-o:
  1. Between now and next Wednesday (November 2), leave a comment on any post with all ideas you come up with for my non-slip ribbon headbands.
  2. I'll take all the ideas that I receive and post them on Thursday.
  3. You will all vote on those ideas.
  4. The winner of that vote will receive TWO FREE BANDS (and will possibly be the namer of the bands!)

I'm looking forward to reading your ideas, as crazy as they may be. So, get on it and start sending me your ideas!

Just in case you need some inspiration


  1. I think you should use your name, like "EmySue Bands". That's catchy. Or just call them "Awesome Bands"

    I look the same every day...because I don't wear make up. Ah, laziness.

  2. The make-up thing is a really good tactic if you ever want to leave work early. Don't wear makeup and then complain about feeling ill. People will believe you. Too bad I don't really wear anything other than mascara.

    Band names:
    head hugger
    noodle hugger
    badass bands

  3. I wore mine to work today, it didn't match anything, but it's so cute! No names are springing to mind - I will have to consider and get back to you.

  4. I hardly ever put makeup on. When I do I feel like a clown.


    Banger Bands (keeps your bangs out of your eyes)
    Cool Head Gear
    Stays Put Headbands

    I'll keep noodling on it!

  5. OH those are so cute! How well do they stay on? I must have a weird shaped head because headbands usually fall off me. I have been on the lookout for something that will stay on my mishapen noggin. I will have to check out your etsy shop.

  6. Here's another: "Fast Bands" because they hold fast and you make you fast.

    *may not actually make you fast

  7. Katie - they stay on great! Wore through an entire workout and for most of the day without moving!

    What about Chica Bands?

  8. Laurie has good ideas, but I think I'd shorten it to just "Stay Puts". It's shorter and thus catchier. Other than that, I got nothing, but I'll let you know if that changes!

  9. Hi Emily - just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that the cranberry breads will be shipping out Wednesday morning! If you don't mind, can you ask Gail to report back on which loaf is better? :)

  10. Oops, sorry! Totally sent that comment to the wrong Emily! But happy baking :)

  11. I am NOT very good at this kind of thing, haha. How about Head Hugger Bands?

  12. Pippi Bands
    Stuck on You Headbands (cause they don't move!)

    Good luck deciding on a name!