Thursday, October 27, 2011

Versatile Blogger/I was too lazy to come up with my own blog subject today

Yesterday Katie tagged me in her Versatile Blogger post.

The "rules":
1. Thank the giver (Thanks, Katie! I enjoyed reading your random things.)
2. Share 7 random things about yourself (easy!)
3. Tag 15 other newly discovered blogs (and then you can feel free to participate or not).

Ok, here goes nothin.

  1. I am a twin. I have a brother who is the exact same age as me (minus about a minute).
    getting ready to blow out our candles last year

  2. My belly button is a "halfie". It's half in and half out. My brother's is the same way. (Last night my friend told me hers is a "levely". I've never heard that one before. (Also, belly button piercings gross me out).

  3. I've been diagnosed with Patulous Eustachian Tube (to make a long story short, my ears don't regulate pressure correctly). I discovered yesterday that when I sniff, I get the clogged ear feeling and then I can hear myself breathe. It sucks. I had to give up caffeine, too. Somewhere along the line I must have really pissed off karma. I miss my morning coffee. Decaf is just not the same. However, if you have any flavored decaf brands to share, let me know. Dunkin Donuts doesn't make their amazing pumpkin and mint flavors in decaf. Discrimination.

    Oh how I miss thee.

  4. It's no secret, I have a horrible track record when it comes to dating. I have a weird pattern of dating guys with names that start with the same letter. Mainly, B and J. In no specific order, they are: Brandon, Brian, James, James, Jason, Josh. I thought for sure when I broke the cycle, he'd end up being "the one". Oh how wrong I was.

  5. I think landscape paintings are the most pointless types of art ever. Think of it this way: when you take a picture of a landscape, it's the first one to be deleted from your memory card. Am I right? Why, then, would you want to hang a huge, painted one on your wall that is actually just an artist's interpretation of a landscape?

  6. I am a klutz times about a million. I have a knack for walking into walls, hitting myself in the head with doors, slamming my knee into things (like I did this morning). In the Summer I worry that people at the gym will see all the bruises all over my legs and think I've been abused. One morning in college I was awoken by my roommate, lying flat on my back on the floor with a huge bump on my forehead. Apparently I had gotten up to go to the gym and when I opened the door I knocked myself out with it. I = awesome.

  7. Anytime that I get to sleep is my favorite time of day. I get giddy for bedtime. And, if I happen to have time on the weekend for a nap, you better believe I'll take it! Whoever said "I can sleep when I'm dead" obviously has never met me when I am experiencing a lack of sleep. Even I can't stand myself at those times.

And now for step 3: 15 other newly discovered blogs. Feel free to participate or not. It makes no difference to me either way :)

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Is anyone else as glad as me that tomorrow's Friday?!


  1. You can make coffee flavored your self! I put cinnamon in the coffee grounds before brewing and it makes the coffee delicious! You can do it with other flavoring too.

    That story about you knocking yourself out, literally made me almost spit out my tea laughing.

  2. Oh I just posted this today too because I had nothing better to say! Thanks for the tag though! :)

    My sister calles her belly button a 'swirly' well, cause it looks like a swirl and is not really and innie or an outie! :)

  3. love the facts! i can't believe you knocked yourself out. that's nuts.

    can't wait for friday!

  4. Those were great. My son has a halfie too. We call it the cinnamon roll. I know I probably shouldn't have laughed at you knocking yourself out, but it was so funny! I am a klutz too, so I literally feel your pain.

  5. I'm a total klutz too, don't feel bad. I also occasionally sleepwalk and have run (literally) into a door. Not fun waking up to hitting your face HARD on a door.

  6. 2 James? I thought you knew repeats weren't allowed. Or do they cancel each other out? What are the rules on that?

  7. 1. Why the hell is your cake being served in a GIGANTIC bowl, and why am I the first to ask that?
    2. Wow....never heard of that!
    4. Haha....B and J. Haha.

  8. Thanks so much for the tag! I won this from Jenn @ a few weeks ago. It's a good one!

    Did not know you were a twin-very cool! I'm not big on belly button rings either. Just not my thing!

  9. Thanks for the tag in this! Belly button rings are nasty. I really don't get the appeal!
    And I am also curious about the cake in bowl did that get baked?

  10. OMG I am with you on the dating thing. Except for me it is all guys with short names. Drew, Derric (that one doesn't count), Matt, John, Cody, Paul, Dan, Joe, Mike. Guess I better keep looking!

  11. Okay, it didn't even dawn on me that was a cake in a bowl. I thought it was something else you liked in a bowl for your birthday. Wow.

    The knock out story was shared with the hubby who LOL'd louder than he has all day. Classic. I am a klutz too. We must be kin!

  12. Hahaha, you knocked yourself out? That's so something I would do. Also, pregnancy has made me so dumb that I almost asked if you were an identical or fraternal twin. Stupid lack of oxygen to my brain! Also, you like BJ. Heehee.