Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Make it work

Last night, after a soul-crushing run attempt, I decided it's time for a change in my workout plan. I've been seriously neglecting cross-training lately, and it's just not good for morale to cheat on your best friend like that. To be completely honest, I haven't exactly been following my training plan. I've been getting in the miles and doing the work, just not necessarily on the prescribed days. So, anyhow, I'll be making running my bitch on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays and the rest of the days are up-for-grabs. Yeehaw!

It really has been way too long since I've seen hot gym guy.

Yesterday I received the knickers that I won in the mail. I put them on and, while they are super comfy (like, I might order another pair, comfortable), compressing, they are not. They're called compression knickers, but I wasn't feeling it. Maybe whomever named them had on a pair that was a couple sizes too small.

I only wish these were my legs.

So, remember when I talked about going for a run in my dark neighborhood early in the morning? Yeah, I just couldn't. The thought of being dragged into the woods by a creeper and never seen again scared me, as did the thought of being attacked by wild boars or a giant snake. (Anything can happen in the wilderness!) I am not so naive, however, that I don't understand I will soon have to run in the dark, as the dark and dreary winter is approaching. Since I doubt I can afford to hire someone to follow me with a spotlight, I'm thinking of putting a pair of knuckle lights on my Christmas list.

(Thanks to Alyssa for introducing them to me!)

Now, someone just needs to invent toe lights and knee lights and waist lights. Or, you know, my neighborhood could just spring for some street lights, except that wouldn't make me look like a lit up moron. What's the fun in that?

Are you afraid of running in the dark and being eaten by a wild boar?

Are you already planning your running gear Christmas list? What's on it?


  1. I'm terrified of doing anything in the dark. When I walk the dog in the dark, I always think about wild animals or crazy people coming out to get me.

    If you're getting your mileage in, it doesn't really matter what days you run, don't get too hung up on a training plan, because then you'll get down on yourself if you aren't EXACTLY right.

  2. I'm afraid of chupacabras when I run in the dark.

    Ditto what Kari said about training plans. As long as you hit the mileage, that's what really matters.

  3. I really am not a fan of running in the dark. Plus, where I live I really can't, so I haven't needed to get all the lights/vests, etc.

  4. Love the knuckle lights. I wore them again today. So much more comfortable and less dorky looking then a headlamp. Winter still is depressing to run in though - if you have a job, you basically never see daylight.

  5. Yeah, I live in Dale Shitty and running in the dark will NOT be happening haha

  6. I never run in the dark if I can help it - way too many "female jogger attacked" stories in the newspaper for me. Plus I don't trust the drivers around here...and I have to get my money's worth out of my treadmill!

  7. Once I almost got eaten by a baby possum. It was acting all drunk and stumbling towards me. I was convinced I saw a zombie hand once, but it turned out to be a tree branch casting a weird shadow. I may have made my husband come zombie hunt and destroy said branch with me. His life is hard.