Monday, October 24, 2011

My weekend, caption-style

There's way too much to write about without being horribly boring, so you're gettin' pictures. Yeehaw!

I think I've clearly lost my mind. I signed up for yet another April :)

I finally ordered CEP calf sleeves! If they're as awesome as I'm expecting, the pink ones will be on my Christmas list.

Friday night Pippi was pooped, and therefore acting adorable

At Target, they sell footy pajamas for adults!!! I KNOW! (note: I didn't buy them but I wanted to)

I also bought Pippi this little gem. It's called PAYBACK!


A preview of my contribution to Kari's baking auction. (no zebras were harmed in the production of these baked goods).

Since I'm no longer drinking caffeine, I got my own coffee maker to brew decaf in the mornings. Why get a boring black one when you can get a PINK one??

We got our pumpkins! Mine's the little guy. The big one needed to be buckled in. Clearly I haven't grown up.

I finally ran seven legit miles...all at once. And I didn't die! I might actually make it to the 15k!

I recently saw a race bib hanger for sale on etsy for $24. I was going to put it on my Christmas list, but then I thought to myself, "Self, don't be dumb. You could make that!" And so I did, for $12.

And now it's Monday. I doubt it will be as wonderfully random as my weekend was. <sigh>


  1. Green CEPs are awesome! I just have boring black. :) I love Pippi's outfit! Also, I NEED footie PJs. Might have to check that out...

  2. 1. I already know about the footie pjs, and have already featured them on my blog.
    2. That reminds me of the Friends episode where Monica is giving Chandler sex advice and is all like "7.....7.....7".
    3. Can you make ME one?? Adorable!

  3. Loving the CEPs!! I have pink and black. I think I need to complete the set with white and green...

    Pippi is hilarious. If I put clothes on Bungee, she just freezes like she's forgotten how to walk.

    Nice job on 7!!!!! You'll be a robot soon enough.

  4. Love the pink coffee maker! I don't know if I could give up caffeine though all I do have is one or two cups of joe in the mornings, but I love it!

    Great job getting in 7 miles!!!

    I was just a Target and did not see any footy They would be nice this winter!

  5. I hope you love your CEPs as much as I love mine :) Great job on your 7 miles, too! I love the bib holder...I was thinking about making a bib/medal holder myself!

  6. The video of Pippi was awesome! My dog would do the exact same thing trying to get it off.

  7. I love the bib holder you made, that is awesome! And clearly now I need footie PJs....

  8. Those cookies look great! We have two coffee makers as well because my husband drinks decaf. Mine isn't as cute as that pink one!

  9. Yeah, 7! Dream come true would be matching footie pjs for me, Alex and Julia. Haha, I'm pretty sure they would both hate it!

  10. I love the Race Bib Hanger. You should do a How To post and educate those of us who aren't so crafty on how to make one of those!

  11. Psst - remember how you asked a while back about what other things you could put on your Etsy shop? I'm betting if you made a few of the bib hangers, you'd sell them! You could even have people preorder so you don't end up buying more supplies than needed. Just sayin. :)

  12. Love the Bib hanger! You will have to tell us how you made that lovely thing so we can make our own!! :) I would BURN up in those things. My BF swears I'm having hot flashes...HELLO, I'm not old enough for those yet! :)

  13. I have green CEPs (socks not sleeves) and I also really want pink. We are addicts. And Kara and Alyssa are mega bad influences on you. I think you should come run a race in Ohio so I can be a bad influence too.

  14. look at you, becoming one of those crazy runner people.

    I totally need all pink appliances in my kitchen!