Thursday, October 6, 2011

The saga continues

It all started here, when I realized something was just not right with my workouts. I was getting dizzy and had pain in my ears. It was screwing up my workouts and I was worried something was really wrong, so I had to do something about it. I went to the doctor, who found nothing wrong, which led to a lovely MRI, which again showed nothing wrong (AND cost me $700, which I'll be paying off for two years).

You're not going to make me get a job to help
pay for that, are you?

Today is the next step: I get to spend $70 on a copay to have a little visit with the otolaryngologist (the fancy pants word for the ENT or Ear Nose and Throat doctor). Truthfully, I'm a little worried for two reasons. Reason 1 is that I'm sure I'll need more than one appointment and, folks, I just can't afford that horrendous copay! Reason 2 is because Kari had similar symptoms and when she went to the doc, they put her through some crazytown tests, including running on a treadmill half naked. I do not want to do that.

Google images is my hero.

I'm hoping I get there and they're all like, "Oh, you definitely have _________ and since we figured it out so quickly, we're going to take care of that copay for you." Yes, I live in a shiny dreamworld. I had to wait two months for them to fit in an appointment for me, so I'm not really all that confident for a quick diagnosis, but you never know.

In other news: Yesterday I did cross-training instead of running, with an hour-long spin class followed by some strength sets. I already feel better. Today is a run and then another spin class and strength tomorrow. I really think for me, the strength sets help with stress, at least mentally. I'm such a cross-training addict that running just doesn't seem like enough. I want to feel pain somewhere other than just my legs AND get better at running.

The cupcakes my mom and I got on vacation. Her: triple lemon.
Me: Peanut butter chocolate.

This week has been one of those where I just want to eat cake and cookies and peanut butter and sleep all the time, but the workouts really do help. I still want to sleep all the time, but I'm pretty sure that's not going away. Sleep rules! I envy Pippi.

Have you ever had to save up to pay to go to the doctor? Ridiculous, I tell you. Just ridiculous.

How do you balance cross-training with your running training?


  1. I really hope they are able to figure things out quickly for you! It's scary to now know what's going on with your body. I had a little medical scare earlier this year and ended up having to use all my savings to pay my deductible and co-pays. I was saving to take my hubby on vacation for his 30th birthday. Oh well! (Oh and nothing was wrong with me...)

  2. Good luck today! I remember crying to my parents about how expensive all of the doctors appointments were. It's awful. I'm sorry. I really hope they can figure it out fast!!

  3. I hate going to the doctor for something other than a completely obvious thing. I feel like they are only ever giving you their best guess and I don't like paying money for guesses.

  4. I have a tip for you: Google: military bases. Go to said location (hint, try Fayetteville). Find cute, single guy. Marry him. Never pay for medical insurance again.

    Yes folks, I'm here all week.

    I do have to pay a copay for the dentist, but it's like 10 bucks. I think it cost like 200 bucks to give birth. All in all, it's pretty sweet for free insurance.

  5. I had an incident where my insurance has decided not to cover an office visit--$200. And I owe $200ish to my old gyno for the first 6 weeks of pregnancy. I'm afraid what the rest is gonna cost. That's it, I'm making husband enlist!

  6. That is so stressful! It's F-ed up that you not only have to worry about your body, but about how you are going to afford treatment. My fingers are crossed for you, despite those mean cupcake pictures.

  7. Ugh, $700 for that MRI? Do you have a deductible, spend say, $1000 on fun doctor things, then insurance picks up more of the tab?

    My biggest health care expense was...COBRA (for insurance for a coupe months in between quitting full time job and starting full time grad school). Routine dental exams are expensive without insurance (or maybe I just had crappy grad student insurance), so one time I skipped my dentist visit for a whole year, until I married my grad student husband who has pretty good insurance through the University.

    Cross training for me meant trying to ride my bike 1-2x/week over the summer + weights/abs in my living room. Now that I re-joined the gym, it's bootcamp + spin on non-running days.