Friday, October 14, 2011

Just slightly crazy

Remember when I casually mentioned that I'm going to start really using coupons and trying to save money? Well, I don't know that I truly explained the extent to which I'm going to try to do this. I've created a binder with sections marked for different coupon categories (poultry, beauty items, soups, etc), and today the trading card binder pages I ordered should be arriving, so I can really organize the coupons.

Yep, ONE HUNDRED of these suckers.

In my eyes, this little project should accomplish many things.
  1. save money! (the big one, obviously)
  2. fulfill my love of organization (I truly am excited for this part)
  3. boost my ego (Just like when I get done cleaning the house, or my car, I feel awesomely accomplished. I suspect I'll have that same feeling when I see how much I was able to save.)
I DON'T, however, plan to be a crazy couponer who buys things she doesn't need or use just because she could save a ton of money, and then stock-pile them in the closets, under my bed, and in the dogs' crates.

Now I just need to figure out how to save a ton of money on things I want/need for running and working out:

CEP compression tights for my freaking sore calves!

RelaxReflect gear for Winter running

Knuckle Lights (Thanks Alyssa for the picture)

cycling shoes for spin classes (my new love)

Superfeet insoles for my running shoes. I'd given up on these
until I have yet to get my left shoe to fit correctly.

...and etc. etc. You get the point. If you're like me, your wish list is forever long.

Have you had a positive experience with "couponing"?

What's the #1 thing on your running/working out wish list?

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend! Kara, Kari, and Alyssa, I'll be thinking about you!


  1. I never find coupons for things I really want. You should look into signing up for the VIP program at road runner sports. It totally pays for itself and they have special sales all the time. :)

  2. I always collect coupons but rarely remember to use them--super helpful, right?
    Number one on my list right now for running would be some compression tights for winter. Soon!

  3. I'm terrible at couponing. The extreme couponers drive me crazy, though, because it seems like all they buy are non-perishables and that is not going to give you the nutrition you need. Good luck saving money!

    I actually have a CEP promo code for those sleeves...

  4. I do couponing but I have totally gone relaxed on it. I used to be huge on the drugstore game but then it just got too time consuming. I would rather do other things now. I still will grab a great deal if it stand out to me but I don't use coupons as obsessively as I used to. Money Saving Mom has great deals as does Deal Seeking Mom.

  5. Oh and I totally want all of the above that you have listed. I also can't afford it all right now. I have one pair of compression socks but one pair doesn't go far. I need sleeves to wear running and I also have the Leggings you have shown thanks to RR giveaway I had.

  6. I can never find coupons for things I actually want. I hate how the grocery store check out gives me coupons for rival brands of the products I'm buying. I'm buying that brand because I think it tastes the best!

  7. I'm pretty proud of myself when I save $9-10 from coupons on a $80 grocery trip. The trick is not buying stuff you don't need just because you have a coupon. I try to make a list first then look through the coupons to see if anything matches. I love calf sleeves! I swear they helped me on my last 2 halfs. (I wore them later that day, not during). Biggest wish list item? I just bought a new pair of running shoes... with coupon code and used a gift card toward the purchase. I think paying $37 isn't too bad! (15% codes for Running Warehouse are floating around out there...and they have good prices to start).

  8. I'm trying to get into the coupon game but I'm not even close to mastering it.

    I need some compression sleeves!

  9. I cut out the coupons in the Sunday circular - but I also love the grocery store so it fulfills many geeky compulsions for me. :) And most of the stuff I get beyond normal running shoes, shorts, tees and such I ask for at Christmas! Saves money! Have your mom talk to my mom. :)

  10. Christmas is coming....totally ask for those things! I want the hand lights too - those are too cool! I clip Sunday circular coupons and do use them but I don't use a ton of them because they are for very processed foods that I don't use a whole lot of anymore. The extreme couponers bug me too because its for food that isn't the best for you! Who needs 18 bottles of ketchup even IF they were free! I love your organization! Hope that works for ya!

  11. Oh, and on spinning shoes? Check the biking stores for last year's model. Totally did that earlier this year and got mine for 50% off!

  12. I've been pretty good about couponing the past year and a half and this year I'm actually tracking how much couponing is saving us which has been interesting.

  13. I like this, I don't really use coupons, other than groupon, and I need to get on it. Cycling shoes are amazing. Just saying.

    I love how you spent money, to organize your coupons, to save money.