Monday, October 31, 2011

Another one about poop

Momma, I'm embarrassed for you. Slacker.

First off, I confess. Last week was a running fail big time. It was supposed to be my first week of "official" half training; I was supposed to run two days. I ended up day, and two miles at that. I'm embarrassed, and I don't really remember what happened. I did, however, get in two days of spinning. I'm pretty sure three workouts in a week is a new low for me. This week WILL be different! I mean geez, my training plan has me running THREE days a week, with the other days left for rest or cross-training. I can pound the pavement three days!

I've decided I'm going to call this week a step-down week since I never really took one when my plan called for one. It's definitely a weak excuse, but I'm using it.

WIN: You can't deny me a childish Nike shirt. I waited months for this to go on
sale and it finally did and it was the best day.

Speaking of shirts, I've made it my mission to "desensitize" Pippi to wearing shirts since she gets so cold and Winter's coming so I'd like to get her a sweater or something. I tried her out with one of my old shirts.

Ma, i think it's a little too large.

She actually kept it on for a while, which was shocking. And then while I was cleaning my room she disappeared for a few minutes, which is never a good thing. When I went to investigate, she had gotten it half off. I'll keep trying.

Poor Pippi has been sick for a couple of days. She acts fine, just a little sluggish, and let's just say her poop isn't...uhh....solid. I'll leave it at that. I didn't think we had any chicken or white rice, so I made her plain pasta and greek yogurt. And then, Sunday morning, I was informed we had chicken in the freezer. She's going to get really sick of plain, boiled chicken, but I'm determined to get her poo (and belly) back to normal. Ahhh...the things you worry about upon becoming a dog momma.

I felt so bad for her Sunday night that I sacrificed my blanket AND my side of the bed.

Pippi a.k.a. Spoiled Rotten

I found out this morning that it's possible she may have a parasite. Yes, a poop parasite. In order to find out, this entails me bringing in a sample of Pippi poop (tehe) to the vet. With every fiber of my being I don't want to touch her liquid leavings. But since I really want her to feel better, I guess I'll be doing just that. I'll let you know how that goes <whimper>.

Did you win anything in Kari's bake sale yesterday?? I was outbid early for the two things I really wanted, but since I'm not made of money, I chose to back down. This is difficult for me. Instead, I bid on and won some delicious-sounding cranberry walnut bread. I can't wait to get it and make it my breakfast. I'll be shipping out my two packages of cookies to the winners this morning. I may have to buy more ingredients and make another batch, though, because those suckers are delicious!

In closing, don't forget to submit to me your naming ideas for my etsy shop headbands for your chance to win TWO free bands! I've only got a few ideas so far. Keep 'em comin!


  1. She won't get tired of plain chicken and rice. When Bungee is sick, she goes CRAZY for it, like it's the best thing she's ever eaten. Let's be honest, chicken, rice and pumpkin (you HAVE to get pumpkin) have to taste better than dry dog food, right? Also, you don't have to pick up liquid poop. So there is kind of a bright side :).

    Missing the first week of training doesn't really matter since you have a base of training already. You'll be fine.

  2. Your week of running sounds a lot like mine. Here's to this week!

  3. Awwww, hope she starts feeling better! You will be fine missing that one run!

  4. If Peanut is sick, I'm like "Do you want to sleep outside or are you going to be good and not shit in the house?" I'm a loving dog owner.

  5. Oh, I hope Pippi feels better soon. As you know, I can relate! It is the worst to have a sick "kid." Don't beat yourself up for last weeks running, just get back on track and you will be fine! Happy Halloween!

  6. Taking dog shit to the vet....poop parasites....I just have no words.

  7. I do hope Pippi recovers soon though.

  8. Dog liquid explosions are the worst! My vet always gives us ID for these situations, although I'm sure chicken, rice, and pumpkin also works. If it is giardia, at least you can get her vaccinated.