Thursday, January 9, 2014

What did we laugh at before the internet was born?

Yesterday? Yesterday, the internet won.


Seriously. The laughing woke up the dog...

I've seen it at least 30 times now and still with the laughing.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sprinkles: the cure for everything

I'm about to make you feel better about almost everything. (Yes, even the frigid weather).
It's safe to say I'm a couple days late with this one.

Ever since Friday, (five days ago) I've had the constant feeling of being carsick. Five. Days. No, I still don't know what causes the dizziness but five days straight every couple months of not being able to do anything but sit or lie still without feeling sick, is unacceptable. I considered drugging myself up with Dramamine, which would have been wonderful except for the fact that, you know, I work for a living and being awake is a necessity.

This morning I was dreading getting out of bed and going through it again but then, when I stood up out of bed...NOT DIZZY! It's like the clouds parted and I wanted to kiss everyone! And everything! PIPPI, GET OVER HERE!

Suddenly, after taking five days off from working out, due to the obvious, I currently want to RUN ALL THE MILES!

I'm officially giving credit to the last thing I ate last night for this miracle.
AKA - ending a bad day in the best way possible.
The sprinkles poured out too fast and I was about to complain that I got too many and then I realized...that's not even possible! 

Not only was it cold outside yesterday (there I go again)

...but my commute to work ended in this:
Stop signs. They aren't optional.

I probably haven't said this enough, but MAN do I love people. So, in trying to look for the humorous in crap situations, I found it kind of funny that, when I called the insurance company one of the questions they asked me was whether I was wearing my seatbelt. Now, I instinctively always put mine on, so when I told "insurance lady" that I was wearing mine I wasn't lying. My question is...who would say no to this? Not only would that be really stupid but it's actually against the law to drive without your seatbelt on in North Carolina. So, if someone actually admitted to not wearing one, would insurance not cover the accident?

That's your homework. Hope to it! I'll be over here...basking in the glow of being able to look from side-to-side without feeling the need to hurl. Wee!

"Does this mean longer walks again, Momma?"