Monday, July 11, 2011

Back to the grind


Oh, you mean I can't go back to bed this morning? Whose idea was it to torture me like this!? Yesterday morning I got out of bed at 8am, made blueberry pancakes and coffee, and less than two hours later, Pippi and I laid back down and slept for another two hours. I want vacation back!

Also, it is my lifelong goal to learn to surf. Hopefully someday this will be Pippi.
Faster. Faster! FASTER, I say!

I want to thank you all for your hilarious responses to my posts while I was away. I especially enjoyed the responses to my "worst date ever" post.

Sarah mentioned that
"Wow, that guy's an asshole. Seriously, I want to punch him in the face."
...I certainly wish I had, believe me. I am kind of sad you had no worst date story, though, but I'm also glad you found your man so young. I'm envious!

Kara thought that
"Wow, that guy deserves a gold star in the asshole hall of fame"
Oh believe me, if such a hall exists, he's there. I also am sure the dude who dumped you after ordering dinner, but before the food arrived is there also.

As far as pets go, aside from dogs, people mentioned wanting a pet pig, a seal, "no pet", and...a capybara. I admit, I had to look up that last one. In case you're curious, here's a picture of this totally rad looking animal

Also, it seems like having one as a pet isn't too much of a dream. I also found this little gem:

Go get it, Sarah :)

I don't know why, but I'm reminded of this right now

Also, you guys, while at the beach, a commercial came on TV that made me want to scream. Have you ever seen the FlexBelt? So ridiculous! I officially add this to my crazy workout devices list.

I apologize for the complete randomness, but my brain is slowly warming back up. I'll have a vacation recap soon. For now, It's time to dive head-first into my work emails. I have a feeling it's going to be a busy day.

Did I miss anything fun/amazing/otherwise fantastic while I was away?
(I haven't had time to catch up on blog goings-on yet.)



  1. I think you missed more fun stories about poop on my blog. I talk about poop a lot on my blog.

  2. Hahaha, honey badger! FYI, the capybara only defecates in water, so you just leave it water bowls (like a litter box) and it never craps on the floor. I think that makes it cleaner than a dog and a baby. I'm glad you found my ramblings amusing when you got home!

    And Kara does talk about poop a lot.

  3. OMG, how cute is a capybara???? How have I never heard of this animal before??

    Welcome back to reality...I hope today wasn't too bad ;)