Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What's in a name?

By now, you all know about Pippi, my Yoda-eared dog.

She's cute, she's finally (I think) mastered house-training, and everyone has an opinion about what breeds she is comprised of.

I always wanted a dog that was so much of a mutt, no one knew exactly what different breeds were in its lineage and, folks, without actually trying, I found her!

While we were at the beach, it became apparent that I'm going to be asked everywhere I go what type of dog she is. One guy goes, "oh, she's the spuds mackenzie breed." (No, that's not an actual breed name. He was referring to the bull terrier). My opinion is that she isn't mixed with this breed, but who knows.

In her adoption ad, I was told that she is a mix of English Pointer, Boxer, and Labrador Retriever.
English Pointer


Labrador Retriever

I've decided that, when writing the adoption descriptions, organizations will pretty much write any dog breed when they don't know for sure. Also, "Lab" is their fallback breed. Don't know what type of dog it is? Must be a lab mix. This is especially prevalent when the dog looks suspiciously like a pit bull. Why do these people want misinformed idiots adopting the dogs?

Anyhow, when I took Pippi to the vet they noticed she has the under bite of a Boxer, so I suppose it's a possibility she's actually mixed with Boxer. I guess she could be mixed with Pointer because of the spots, although I have my doubts. I would bet a million bucks there is no lab in this girl, though (and I'm not a betting woman).

My family all had their ideas this past weekend...

Michelle (my stepmom) thinks:
Pit Bull (I don't see this one in her)


  Amanda thinks:
Boston Terrier (this picture makes me laugh)

My dad thinks:
Bull Terrier (because of the ears)

My grandpa thinks:
Dalmation (because of the spots)

Personally, I think any of these is possible, but really anything is possible. She'll go through her life with people wanting to label her all kinds of breeds, but I don't mind not knowing. I prefer it to be a mystery.

My Opinion?

...and when people ask from now on, that shall be my answer.

Also, I realized one day while watching Jeopardy (yes, my love of Jeopardy along with my love of naps has me thinking I'm going to be awesome at retirement), that I unknowingly named Pippi well. I know this is in the wrong order by Jeopardy's standards, but the gist is:
Q: What is the name of the dots on a pair of dice called?
A: Those dots are called "pips." The dots on dominoes go by the same name.
"Look everyone, I'm "pip-y"

I actually named her after another dog that I had sent in an application for, but was denied because I am gone for 8+ hours a day (excuuuuse me for having a job). My friend and I were bouncing names off each other one night and I ended up with Pippi or Dixie. I then realized that the shortened version of Dixie is "Dicks" and decided to go with Pippi.

My crazy little Super Mutt.



  1. You know, you can get her DNA tested for like 70 bucks and find out what she's made of. :)

    I agree with the pointer mix because she has that body type. Also, with her ears I see more of an Blue Heeler. This is a fun game.

  2. She actually does have a little lab in her face, but, you're right, it seems like they always throw that in there because people love/know/trust labs. I know I do!

    I love when people have fun names for their pets. I have a friend who really wants to name his next dog on our line-up for names is Ninja!

  3. I ALWAYS get asked what kind of dog Tango is. And we have no idea, either, although he is definitely Corgi and Dashund but I also see a little Beagle maybe.

    I have heard there are dog DNA kits you can get but I am like is fun not knowing and being a super mutt ;)

  4. My friend who got the DNA testing said it was crap. The results didn't make any sense and weren't that specific. She does look kind of bull terrier-y to me, but I think Wondermutt is the most appropriate breed.

  5. I had a beloved family dog named Scout that looked almost exactly like Pippi! Complete with "Yoda" ears! Her coloring was brindle and white but the exact same markings. I rescued her from "death row" at our local pound and we were inseparable from that moment on! I was told that she was a Terrier and Pit Bull or Boxer. She was absolutely the best dog I ever had and is truly missed. Now that I have children, they talked me into rescuing another "mutt". This one is a deaf terrier/beagle mix. Wish us luck! lol!

  6. part of me wonders if pip is part white german sheperd and a little bit of doberman

  7. A tenterfield terrier mixed with dalmation?

  8. I love your dog! I have one almost identical. Same yoda-ears, freckles, white with a brindle eye. I adopted her from our local shelter, so don't know her history. The shelter labeled her a "terrier mix". My vet thinks maybe pitbull & boxer. And my dog's name? Dixie! HaHa! She is the best girl whatever she is!!