Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Of canine injuries and awesomely bad 80s jams

This past weekend I was tasked with the duty of dog-sitting Rocco again while my brother and some other mutual friends of ours went camping...and didn't invite me. But I'm over it...whatever!

An overview in pictures because, you know, if you can't say something nice and all that.

Lunch with the lovely ladies I'll be running City of Oaks with in November.

I didn't take a picture of it, but I also got a $50 parking ticket, which I've contested. Parking in Chapel Hill can suck it.

 Pippi vs. cat.
I made this one small. You're welcome.

(She got out the door to chase a cat while I was bringing Rocco in from his morning walk. Just from running at full speed a short distance to chase the damn cat into a sewer, all her claws started bleeding. I don't ever have to trim her back claws because they stay short, so she must just run with her claws at an odd angle).

Also, ever since this incident, every time we go for a walk she has to check out every sewer we walk past. She learns her lessons the hard way, this one.

high-tech dogshaming

Yes, that's how I spent my Sunday, followed by lots of wiping up of blood spots and washing rugs and blankets and towels. Dogs are AWESOME!

The high spot of my weekend?
iTunes is my hero.
I may or may not have sang out loud with headphones the dogs (ha HA...payback!) 

Did YOU enjoy your three-day weekend?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Three random facts

 ...because my life is kinda boring.

Fact 1: I like lumpy food.
Allow me to elaborate. You know how mashed potatoes aren't supposed to have lumps? I'd make them with lumps (Ross would want to eat my mashed potatoes). Also, when I have leftover rice and there are rice clumps? Those are my favorite. Also, lumpy oatmeal. Delicious.

Fact 2: I don't love thunderstorms.
You know how everyone claims to just love thunderstorms? I don't get it. What exactly is so appealing about them? The dog gets nervous, they knock out the power, thunder is loud... I don't see the appeal.

Fact 3: My dog is extremely modest.

What are your thoughts on thunderstorms? Any insight into why people love them so much?

Thursday, May 2, 2013

1,000 pink poop bags

Well, since we last spoke, the chiropractor said that as long as my back continues to slowly heal, I can hopefully get back to running on Monday! It's a good thing, because I've also registered for my next half marathon.
Luckily it's not until November 3, so I have plenty of time to whine and cry about how out of shape I am while I'm getting back into shape. Yeehaw!

This past weekend I used my $200 flight voucher and took a trip up to New York to spend some QT with Shane. Unfortunately, it started out with my having to utilize an airplane barf bag, followed by losing out on my entire first afternoon/night there, as I slept for the next 18 hours straight. Lesson learned: Dramamine. For every flight. Also? I have absolutely no desire to ever go on a cruise. Being that sick for days on end on "vacation"? No thanks!
Apparently Dramamine will turn you into an airplane-
riding hippie.

Shane and I got to spend some time together (of course!) and also with his brother, sister-in-law, and 1-year-old nephew. Given the task of entertaining the baby and making sure he didn't eat the dogs' food, I realized that my innate reaction for stopping a child from doing something is to loudly say, "uh-uh!" which is the same thing I do to stop my dog from doing something. I think that means either I'm not ready to be a parent or that raising kids and raising dogs is just a lot alike.

Speaking of the dog, after her initial burst of crazy when I picked her up from four days at dog daycare, Pippi did this until we went to bed:

I even went back-and-forth to the kitchen making dinner and she didn't follow me. Her level of exhaustion was that intense. It was so wonderful.

Little does she know, her momma ordered something extra special from Amazon last night.
Now she can poop to her little heart's content!

1,000 pink poop bags for less than $20. About nine months ago my mom bought me a pack of maybe 300 bags and we're just now running out, so unless Pippi starts going five times a day, we're set for at least a couple years. My color choices were black, blue, or pink, so my choice was clearly made for me.

My original reason for going to Amazon was to order some new "ear tips" for my ear buds because I lost one and not having music to drown out the conversations on the bus to work is painful. How I got from headphones to poop bags? Your guess is as good as mine.

In closing, today is my nephew-dog's 4th birthday!
He's so lucky for his jokester cousin and aunt with access to Photoshop.

Parents of children and dogs: Do you find yourself disciplining them similarly?

Do you hoard odd poop bags?