Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Neighbor Shaming


So, remember when this happened?

So I got that fixed. And then this happened?

Well, I haven't been able to replace that yet and this goes and happens:

As luck would have it, you can't buy only the rear window. You can either buy all three soft windows as a set or you have to invest in an entirely new top + windows...for $500. 

If things really do happen in threes, I should be good for a while...at least in the broken car parts department. Unless, of course, I just jinxed myself by saying that. It would be so nice if my guardian angel would come back and do her job.

Having all these things in disarray is hurting my nerves. Driving around with a duct-taped back window makes me feel like I should be living in a different neighborhood...where my neighbors have couches on their front lawns and walk around in their underwear. Last week my American flag in front of my house ripped and I couldn't get it down so it stayed like that for about four days. I was that neighbor. Thankfully, I've since replaced the flag AND installed a bird feeder in the backyard. Getting on karma's good side and what-not.

Maybe this will keep Pippi entertained during the day.

Really, Mom? Most boring show ever.

Have you ever done something that made you feel like an unfit neighbor?

Monday, March 17, 2014

Quintiles Wrightsville Beach Half marathon

The more races I run, the less opposed to ice baths I become.
This looks so dreamy right now. 

Yesterday I ran my fifth half marathon: the Wrightsville Beach marathon in Wilmington, NC.

Not the most creative race bling ever, but it'll do.

I think I've finally come to the realization that I'll never be a fast racer. It's annoying, but, uhh...aim low and you'll never be disappointed? Something like that. No, not really. Kinda.

I've also decided that I should only run beach races because, well...beach! And also, the flatness. Flat races are the cat's meow.

I started out the race feeling annoyed. For some reason I had no confidence I'd finish and I had a deep hatred for the people cheering and ringing cowbells at mile 2. It was still dark out, (the race started at 6:45am), and I don't do well with people in the mornings, especially obnoxiously loud ones. I was running with my friend, Lindsey, and I could feel I was holding back her pace, so around mile 3 I told her to please forge ahead with her bad self, and so she did. I stretched quickly and kept on going.

The only way a cowbell would have been acceptable.

I was actually feeling quite good after that, for most of the race, and felt I could have done so much better had my feet not been causing me so much pain. It doesn't make sense to me why I don't have issues with them on long runs, but on race day my feet are always the issue! (If you want to see a picture of the awesomely disgusting blister that took over one of my toes, let me know. I can arrange a viewing).

Aside from the blister on my right foot, my left foot is the real douchebag.

It hurt so bad on the ball of my foot right behind my big toe that I started over-exaggerating my heel-strike, which was making my calf tight. It was a series of unfortunate events, really.

The truly mind-boggling thing about this is that I have NO BLISTERS in this area! It just hurts like a bitch when I get about eight miles into a race and then even the slightest bump on the road or uneven pavement sends shooting pain through the area. Any thoughts on this? Has anyone else experienced such a thing??

For the last three miles I did way more "fast walking" than I want to even admit to myself since running made my left foot feel like it was going to explode. I may or may not have exclaimed "motherfucker!" to myself, and possibly out loud, sporadically throughout that experience. It wasn't my proudest moment, but whatever. (Finishing time: 2:35:08)

"I hate everything, but look, I finished!" 

We raced through some super rich neighborhoods. I mean, I've never before been met in a race by people on their plush, green lawns drinking bloody marys (at 8am) and kids on bikes wearing boat shoes and blazers. And no, I'm not exaggerating.
There were at least 2 of these. You know, starter vehicles for the kids.

I did, however, appreciate the crazy awesome crowd support (after about mile 6, of course, once the sun was up) and all the spectators with their dogs. I high-fived kids, someone complimented my shoes (ironically for me), and the rain held off until my last mile! I would definitely do this race again.

Also, I have already registered for my next race!
It's possible I was mainly enticed by the food.

I'm hoping to find something to relieve my foot woes before then. Any advice?

Friday, March 7, 2014

Warmth: A mythical phenomenon

I forget what it's like to be warm.

I began my morning by being awakened by the electricity kicking the bucket...seven minutes before my alarm went off. Looking outside, it was eerily dark. I decided to not wait until the house started getting cold and quickly grabbed a flashlight, a candle, and took a shower by candlelight.

So romantic.

When I took Pippi for a walk, i was amazed by the thick layer of ice on the trees and the limbs and trees that had been taken down by it.

This is what the trees look like in hell.

When I was on a walk with Pippi, a tree fell in the woods and scared the crap out of me. And, of course, she took forever to find a spot to poop. My little, furry smartass.

When I go to work, I was able to assess my ability to apply makeup in the dark. Not too awful; just some uneven eye liner, and I'm sure my coworkers are used to that from me by now.

Today would be a great day to be able to text with the dog. Checking the power company's website, it appears the power is still out at the house. At least I had the foresight to provide her with an extra blanket in her crate this morning. I also just got an e-mail notice that another tree has fallen in the neighborhood and now our fire alarm system is down too. At least it's raining...?

I live in the overlapping outages area. Crap.

It's barely above freezing right now and the high for tomorrow is supposed to be in the low 60s. Here's hoping!

On a totally unrelated note: Today my mom and stepdad closed on the house I grew up in! They moved to southern Virginia in January and have had the house on the market since. And now someone else owns it! It's weird, but cool. It's a great house, but the location was getting too crowded for their liking. I hope the new owners enjoy it as much as we did.

Hasta la vista, baby!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

"Brand new!"

I will get better at blogging. I WILL get better at blogging...
Yeah, we'll see.

This past weekend I went on a trip. On my way there, I connected at LaGuardia airport, and was able to take some sweet airplane window photos of New York City. I was able to get one with Freedom Tower in it, too. Kind of surreal.
Right before the turbulence of death began.

It's almost the same.

One thing you may not know about me: I get motion sick easily. It always annoys me when people on the bus to work or in moving cars get to read without needing to barf. You know what they say about misery. The first few times I flew places, it seemed that my body did ok with flying. No barf! Wee! And then just as I let my defenses down, I've had to use the airplane barf bag twice in the past year.

I now take two Dramamine pills before each flight. Overkill? Probably.

It's safe to say my ideal vacation will never be a cruise. Or, you know, a flight around the world.

Airplane sickness and cancelled flights aside, on my way home...from my connection...in Chicago...seven hours later than originally planned, I got to fly in a "brand new!" plane. The fact that they made such a big deal about the newness of this plane actually frightened me more than excited me. I've been watching way too many documentaries about airplane crashes for that to put me at ease. (Thanks for nothing, Netflix!) But then I took my Dramamine. By the way, they make "less drowsy" Dramamine now. What's the point?

So, anyway, about this "brand new!" plane.

The back of every seat had a screen where you could buy movies (unless you're in first class. Rich people get to watch movies for free). Also, the "safety instructions" were shown on the screen instead of the flight attendants going over them, and throughout the flight you could watch your altitude.

Kind of cool, I guess.

Other than that it was an airplane, and I got off it wanting to kiss the ground, as usual.

I couldn't wait to get home and see this one.

My super amazing brother and SIL picked her up from the "doggy daycare" and brought her home for me so that I didn't have to pay for another night and also so she'd be home when I got there...around midnight. Not having to spend a night alone: Priceless.