Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What I REALLY ate (sponsored)

This post is sponsored by my business partner. She's very savvy. And she knows the importance of taking a long nap in the sunny spot in front of the back door, and pays me in poops.

Whatever. Just feed me.

Pippi wanted me to share with everyone what I eat on a "typical" day. She thinks my diet is severely lacking in chia seeds and overnight oats. Since I worked from home today, I ate a bit differently than I would have if I had been at work instead. What I end up eating really depends on when I last grocery shopped, and payday is two days away, if that tells you anything. Not exactly a typical day, but it's what I ate, nonetheless. (disclaimer: all times are approximate).

Breakfast (7:30am):
english muffin with peanut butter and strawberry jelly, a peach

Snack (9am):
two peanut butter cookies

lunch (11:30am): This picture didn't save for some reason, so just imagine it. It's a pretty boring one anyway. It was a smoothie. But it contained peanut butter so it wasn't exactly a healthy smoothie.

snack (1pm):
a very non-organic, very delicious banana

snack dessert (2pm):
a peanut butter cookie
(it was a whole cookie but I forgot to take the picture until after
I ate half of it)

"dinner" (4pm):
a veggie turkey burger (no, I'm not kidding. They were on sale)
on an english muffin with ketchup and spicy mustard, and a
pile-o-dill pickle chips.

dinner dessert (4:30pm):
chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, chocolate syrup,
rainbow sprinkles

I'm normally pretty hungry all the time, but, as I posted yesterday, I've not had much of an appetite lately and I was trying go cut down on the sodium today since I was pretty bad yesterday, having eaten ramen and drinking a glass of wine after work with a few coworkers.

I'm pretty sure Kara, Kari, and Alyssa had much more exciting days of food than I did. Pippi wanted me to post about what she ate, but then I reminded her she only eats dog food and that's way more boring than some peanut butter cookies and a fake turkey burger. She completely agreed, and promised me more poops after her dinner today.


  1. Wait, you ate dinner at 4pm?? Why?

    I like that you were reminding us to take pictures of our food and you forgot to take a lunch picture :P

  2. Peanut butter IS healthy!!!

    I think my dinner could eat your entire day's worth of calories and still have some left over.

  3. What time do you go to bed? I'd have to eat a second dinner by 8pm if I ate dinner at 4:30. Who made the cookies?

    1. My hubby! It was my payment for her designing our shirts for Relay Around Columbus!

    2. I'm with Alyssa...don't you need a second dinner if you eat dinner at 4pm?? This makes me hungry for you. But then again, I've been ravenous since Sunday.

      I do approve of the ice cream. That might count as a second dinner.

  4. I think I am going to have to have my bitch, I mean hubby, make me some more of those cookies this weekend!

    Love the plates. My mom still has them!

  5. I love peanut butter in my smoothies, adds more protein can't be to unhealthy right?

  6. I thought I ate dinner early, but I can't beat 4pm.

  7. I don't consider peanut butter unhealthy! I eat the kind whose only ingredient is "Peanuts" though. Never even knew there were fake turkey burgers. What is it about turkey burgers that vegetarians would want to replicate, if not for the turkey though? The patty formation? And how is a fake turkey burger different than a fake hamburger? So many questions...