Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My brain hurts

I admit my blogging this week has been lame. To put it plainly, I'm stressed out. The icing on the cake came last night when my sister-in-law let Pippi out without a leash and she ran after a couple deer and vanished in the woods. Aside from the fact that I was mad she didn't put a leash on her, I was FREAKING OUT on the inside. I walked through woods, getting spider webs stuck to my face, past a "No Trespassing" sign, which made me think I'd get shot by a deer hunter, and was sure I had ticks all over me. But I didn't care because I was finding my damn dog! 

At about the point when I was going to go inside and start making "LOST DOG" signs, she just...came back. An hour and a half of yelling her name and getting assaulted by wildlife and she comes back on her own. Pissed and relieved at the same time is a tiring combination.

Instead of going through the specifics of everything that's on my mind, you're getting an..."interesting facts" post. You're welcome.
  • After Monday's post about how I won a pair of compression knickers, there was much discussion over the definition of "knickers". For me, it reminds me of another word my grandma (who is from England) would use to refer to pants. Most people commented, however, that it reminds them of another word for underwear. Well, apparently we're all correct, according to handy dandy Mac dictionary app, we're all right. (hurray!) and, bonus, an awesome piece of clip art is provided for our entertainment.

  • I brush Pippi's teeth every night. It's part of our bedtime routine. Laugh if you must (I know I would if I were a bystander), but hopefully this will save me from ever having to pay money to have her put under for a "professional" cleaning. The supposed "chicken flavored" toothpaste I use says that it freshens breath. It makes her breath smell like chicken. I'm not really sure how much "fresher" the smell of chicken is from what her breath normally smells like.
The "doggy dentist" creeps me out. I turn it around so he's
not always staring at me.

  • Whenever I see ads for companies like Victoria's Secret, which uses actual runway models to advertise their underwear, I think how unfair that is because I certainly don't look like that with skimpy clothes on. FALSE ADVERTISING! I wonder how many people buy their stuff and then send it back, claiming it didn't make them look like the model in the picture. If I had my way, I'd be able to order my legs and stomach from that catalog. Screw the underwear. 
I'm pretty sure if I posed like this on a
beach, people would throw things at me.


  •  I've already alluded to the fact that I can't stand loud noises. They make me nervous/anxious/want to run far far away. This includes emptying the dishwasher. If I could afford it, I'd pay someone to come and do just this chore. Not because I hate doing it but because I can't take the sound. The sound of glass breaking is no exception. We take our trash to a recycling center because it's free to do so, instead of paying for trash pickup. I'll touch any stinky disgusting trash you want me to (as long as I can wash my hands afterward), but if you want the glass recycled, you've got to toss it into the bin yourself...while I sit over here with my hands over my ears.
  •  For some reason last week I noticed people making Friday plural by typing it "Friday's". I don't understand this. Did we all not pass fifth grade? To make something plural, simply add an "s". That's all! And that's your grammar lesson for the day. You're welcome.
  • I had a dream last night that my brother's friend chopped both of his arms and legs off with a wood chipper. Dream experts, define that one!

If you made it through this post, congratulations. Because it's time for another giveaway!

I'm giving away items from my etsy shop, Little Slice of Awesome. I haven't made up my mind yet on just how many items I'm giving away, but it will definitely be more than one. All you have to do is like my shop on Facebook and/or follow it on Twitter, and then leave a comment letting me know you did so. So easy! One entry per person. I also haven't decided when I'm picking a winner. It could be tomorrow and it could be next week, so "like" and "follow" soon!


    1. I'm stalking the crap out of you.

      I'd kill anyone for letting Peanut out without a leash.

    2. I like your shop on facebook AND twitter. Booya.

      I tried to brush bungee's teeth once and she ate the brush. Now I just figure chewing on marrow bones and raw hides better do the trick.

    3. I liked your shop on Facebook (I don't do Twitter).
      My dog got out before and it is the worst feeling in the world, glad your dog is back home safe!

    4. I love your shop and I'm not sure why I wasn't following it on both places already! :)

    5. I'm liking your shop on facebook :)

    6. OMG how did I not like/follow you before? I'm so sorry! That has been remedied. I'm putting grammatical errors into all my comment's now. I'm so sorry, that sounds super stressful. My conclusion is that stress makes running suck, because this week has been awful for me too.

    7. Wait a sec, you had a shop Twitter and FB!? How did I miss this? I liked both, even though I am vehemently against liking things on FB most of the time.

      Your SIL is quite obviously Satan in disguise. That's just not something you do with someone else's dog. I'm impressed with your restraint that allows her to continue to breathe. Also, I can't stand the sound of hands rubbing carpet. The other kids used to do it in Kindergarten and it made me wanna kill myself, so I get the glass thing.

    8. I liked you on both FB & Twitter!

      We had a dog that would just wander aimlessly out of our yard and be gone forever then just boom - return! It drove us nuts. I'd have to beat the SIL too if she did that to my dog! Minutes seem like hours when our dogs are gone! Glad Pippi came back!

      I totally have the same issues with grammar issues! Whether to use an apostrophe or not always irritates me - especially when someone does it wrong!!

    9. Liked you on the facebook!

      I am a grammar nazi! When my phone autocorrects me incorrectly and I'm in a hurry and miss it, I'm always so embarrassed. No one ever notices.

    10. Oh yeah, also, my dog "got out" once when we were unloading couches. She ran around the garage and came up next to the truck like "I'll help!"

    11. I'm so sorry about your dog. From personal experience that is the most stressed I have ever been IN MY LIFE! So glad Pippi is back home safe and sound!

      Following your shop on both fb and twitter!

    12. I liked your facebook page. Very cute stuff!

    13. haha - loved the toothpaste fact. chicken flavored?! i mean, i guess a dog would like that more than minty fresh.

    14. When we lived in Florida, my dogs would collectively disappear for 3 days. Come back so tired and disgusting. I'm glad Pippi is home. Here is my entry for the giveaway, I read the *entire* post including the directions on how to enter. I can't promise I won't make myself sound like an idiot again!

    15. I like you on Facebook and follow your shop on Twitter. I'm glad your dog came back! I would have been freaking out.