Thursday, September 29, 2011

If I don't answer, blame the flesh-eating snails

So here's the deal, kids. I'm leaving tomorrow morning to go to VA Beach for my mom until Monday. I'm not sure whether I'll have internet or not, and so I've made the decision to wait until Tuesday morning to choose my giveaway winners. (Yes, winners, plural!) So, if you haven't entered yet, go do it!

Last night I was lying in bed dead asleep and woke up to itchy legs, and feet, and, OH MY GOD MAYBE IT'S BEDBUGS. Actually, I'm pretty sure it's bug bites from chasing my dog through the woods on Monday night. I also have bruises all over my legs from Pippi jumping on me, and a rope burn from her running after something while on the rope outside. My legs have never looked sexier, I assure you.

You're welcome, momma.

Also, the outfit I went for a run in today is THE sexiest thing known to man. I like to treat the neighbors.

Didn't see me? Yeah, okay!
(The shorts have pink dots all over them)

Jeremy and Amanda decided they want to start a new flower garden. They marked out the border, and started to dig the area for the mulch. Because Jeremy is a man, and has a friend who owns a tractor, this is how he did it.

Give a man a tractor...

 So, since I'm leaving tomorrow morning around 7am for the beach, I've decided I'm getting up early to do my long run tomorrow before I leave, so that I only have to run once while at the beach (since it's really a vacation for my mom and I to spend together). It will be my first run in the dark and I'm scared shitless. If there is no post from me on Daily Mile tomorrow morning, I was eaten by a bear, or a snake, or...a snail. They can be vicious, right?

Have a wonderous weekend, my friends. If the hotel has no internets, I'll be in touch on Tuesday...with winners!


  1. I almost gotten eaten by a possum once on a night run. And there was the zombie hand incident, but to be fair it turned out to be a tree branch. Your outfit made me want McDonalds. And umm, WTF with the tractor? That seems like tremendous overkill!

  2. And by tractor, I believe I mean backhoe.

  3. I almost murdered a snake on my walk tonight. It scared the crap out of me! Thank God he was as afraid of me as I was of him. Have fun in VA Beach! I did their half there in 2010 over Labor Day and I just loved it there! So jealous!

  4. Have a great weekend and a safe run in the AM!!!

  5. Nice tractor! At the other extreme... we made our garden (small- 20x20 plot) last year with ONLY HAND TOOLS. My husband refused to buy a full size shovel because he said he didn't want to move it whenever we move to our next apt (btw, we're still in that same apartment...a move was not close on the horizon). SERIOUSLY. I was annoyed tried to buy one anyway mid-gardening season, but I'm cheap and couldn't find one under $35. Have a great time at the beach!

  6. As soon as you said you woke up itching the first thing I thought of was bed bugs. I am so paranoid I am going to bring them home from a hotel.
    Hope you have fun on your trip with your mom!

  7. That sounds exactly like what my husband would do. I could ask him to go weed the garden and he would be out there with a backhoe. Have fun this weekend!!

  8. Whoa!That outfit is seriously bright. I like it! Loving the aspaeris shorts :)

  9. I love that outfit so much. I wish you could wear that for the Hot Chocolate 15K :)

    Enjoy the Neptune Festival!!

  10. The outfit is hot! Have a great trip!