Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Running a new route

So, in my header, I call myself a "runner wanna be". It occurred to me this morning that I don't know at what point I can officially delete the "wanna be" part of that title. The dictionary defines a runner as "a person who runs". I think this is a little too easy. I mean, an out-of-shape drug dealer running from the cops is technically running, but he's not a runner. I think, in order to be considered a runner, it requires a certain amount of dedication.

MY definition: Runner: A person who runs and is dedicated to the sport of running

So, you guys, I think that means...I'm a runner! (I've got the blisters to prove it). I do believe a banner redesign is in order :) I know that I've got a long way to go, especially if I'm going to make a half marathon my goal, but supposedly the journey is the reward (or so I'm told).

So, that being said, yesterday I decided to try a different running route than the boring route I've been doing through my neighborhood (Bobcat Point becomes less badass every time you run it). I decided to run through the UNC campus, using part of the 5k route I ran for my first race last year. All I have to say is holy moley, I don't remember it being that hilly! On the way out, I was thinking at the beginning, "man, this is great. Downhill. WAHOO!" and then I remembered...oh crap, I'm doing an out-and-back. Now I know why they call this city Chapel HILL.

Not nearly as innocent as it looks!

I'm always amazed by how great it is to run a new route. Even though my legs were so so tired still (I must use my Aspaeris Pivot compression shorts tonight!), it just seems easier to run when the route isn't so familiar. It's probably all in my  head, (ok, I know that it's all in my head), but I like this switching it up plan. I'm so glad I came up with it. Way to go, brain!

Yesterday I found a picture of Pippi in her even younger days, before she adopted me :) and before her ears had learned how to stand up. She was also less spotted. She just keeps getting better, but man, she was an adorable baby.

I really do want to take her running with me at some point, but I'm afraid she's going to pull me over. Maybe this weekend I'll see how a mile goes. Kara has me all jealous now that her dog runs way more miles in a week than even I do!


  1. Haha, Peanut is badass and you want to be like her :)

    I think someone is a runner when they want to be. I never understood the angst over "When am I a runner??" I do think there is a line between a runner and a "serious" runner. I'm not a serious runner. Those people are nuts.

  2. You're totally a runner. While you're redesigning your header, want to design one for me too?

    Running a new route is totally easier than running the same thing everytime. Then you always know how much you have left instead of looking at all the new cool stuff.

  3. you are a runner for sure!! i love new routes too :)

  4. You are definitely a runner. You told someone you had to leave early on Friday because of your Saturday long run. That's dedication. Also Kara, how is 50 miles not a serious runner/nut?

  5. I've done several runs down Franklin Street through CH! This means you are close enough to get yogurt pump anytime you want - please go get some asap for me, since I will probably never have it again :(. I love your confidence boost - of course you are a runner!