Friday, September 23, 2011

Of banana bread and broken computers

Pippi decided she wanted to wear piggies, so I decided to surrender a collar from my shop for her.
Plus, she's the prettiest model I've ever seen.'re embarrassing me.

After work today I will be running five miles and tomorrow morning will be seven. This will be the most I've ran two days in a row. OH and it's supposed to be pouring down rain both times. Wee! Maybe I'll experience my first rounds of chafing. I just cannot wait.

This week at work has been crazy. My list of jobs has been overflowing since Tuesday when my computer was out of commission. It turns out the motherboard needed to be replaced. When the IT guy told me that, I asked if my files would be wiped off the machine. He looked at me funny and said, "no, the motherboard is being replaced, not the hard drive." Uhm...okay. My knowledge on computers is much like my knowledge of cars. They should just work.

She's back in action!

Yesterday I received the most delicious loaf of banana bread from Kari as a thank you for designing her new blog header. I'm convinced that I made out huge in that deal! I couldn't wait to dig into it and try it with peanut butter on it, per Kari's request. OH. MY. DELICIOUSNESS! This morning when I woke up, I was bummed when I remembered we have no breakfast food in the house, and then *ding* I remembered the banana bread! My morning was saved!

As I was opening the bread last night, I tweeted Kari to thank her. The response I received?

I read between the lines and realized she wasn't really just kidding.

Oh, oh, and then Alyssa went and suggested

Alyssa is a troublemaker.

I feel like I'm back in school! Oh, and then I remembered they're both giving up sweets for a month. Clearly, they've lost their minds. And, I just realized that in telling you all of this, I've written two paragraphs. Dammit! I guess you guys win...for now.

Do you enjoy running in the rain?

When running in the rain, what do you wear differently than during runs on precipitation-less days?

I'm going to be baking something this weekend. Any ideas?


  1. I run in the rain. I don't wear anything different, I just wear less. The less you wear, the less water you're absorbing and carrying around. I don't believe in rain coats. They're a pain in the but and I always end up chafing.

    I"m making more bread for myself this weekend!

  2. Good luck on your running double header! It's how the cool kids spend their weekends. :)

  3. Running in the rain=lots of extra anti-chafe stick! I also agree on less clothing (although you might need long sleeves if it is cold rain. Also, good socks are a must for rain. Good luck! Oh, and holy crap, pigs! So cute!

  4. Your mileage is really getting up there! I never chafed until my first 14 miler, but the rain can speed that up. I don't understand Kari's comment, how was it raining on the treadmill? Now all my bread is gone and I never thought to try it with peanut butter. Sad. I'm not sure if the twitter screenshots can count as two paragraphs. They weren't very descriptive of the bread. Good luck on the runs (haha)!

  5. I do love the rain but I have a 17 miler on the plan for tomorrow and Boston is forecast for rain as well! :( I don't know if I can tough out 17 miles of rain. :(

  6. OMG, can you design my header too?? I was just trying to figure out something all nifty and cool like yours and I am at a loss........will send food and put an order in at your Etsy shop.......and promote it on my blog.....thoughts?

    I actually like to walk in the rain but it has to be warmish out. F those cold rains. Boo!

  7. I have stopped believing I need a raincoat when I run. Unless it's cold and wet. Warm and wet is ok. I got stuck in the middle of 3 separate bursts of downpour on a 13 mi run back in the summer. My shorts were quick drying so luckily I don't think it looked like I peed myself when cars drove by after the rain stopped. The difference is that I'll wear a darker tank top instead of a white one, because I'm not going to win any wet tshirt contests and I don't need any passersby getting a possible glimpse of nip or not-washboard stomach.