Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What's so long about it? (that's what she said)

In my opinion, "long weekend" is an oxymoron. Let's have a 7-day weekend. That would be a real "long weekend". Three days is just a tease. It's just enough for me to get used to sleeping in and getting "me" things done and then BAM, back to the real world.

For my amazingly long and random recap of the fake long weekend, I'll bring you all the way back to Friday, because that's where the wonderfulness began. Earlier in the week I ordered a foam roller. Not just any foam roller, a Trigger Point Performance Therapy - The Grid foam roller. (Because of some recommendations). My choices were black or orange. Of COURSE I went for orange, duh! All I have to say is...how have I lived without a foam roller all this time?! Holy amazingness.

Yes, I was wearing an orange shirt on Friday. I must have known!

Saturday morning I set out to do my six miles. I decided to try out the Thorlos Experia socks (also bought due to a recommendation. Apparently I'm easily influenced), after I decided the Balega socks I'd bought just didn't have enough cushion and were causing blisters. These socks seemed to do a bit better of a job. I'm thinking my left foot is smaller than my right because I still think I could use more cushioning on that side.

I bought 2 other colors also, but I got a size too large, so
green is all I've got for now.
After breakfast and digesting and getting suited up, I headed out
I finally figured out the self timer!
And came back after six miles looking like this

PDR, baby! And yes, I sweat a lot. It's disgusting.

Just in case you need proof.

Near the end, I saved a turtle from being smashed to death by a car or a mean kid. I think he was appreciative.

On Sunday Amanda, Jeremy, and I decided to earn our breakfast and cleaned out the fridge. Random? Yes. And earn our breakfast, we did!
The one good thing that came from having no food in the fridge for a week.

The rest of the weekend was spent grocery shopping, napping, and pretty much just lounging a lot.
Pippi has discovered the wonderfulness of the purple chair. This is where she
slept on Sunday night. (Also I'm convinced she thinks anything brightly colored
is hers. I had to save the foam roller more than once from her ripping it to shreds)

Rocco likes to chill under Jeremy and Amanda's bed. He doesn't fit under mine.
But Pippi does! :)

Amanda gives her people food. I have a strict
no people food diet for her because I can't
standthe begging. Well, guess who she begs
from now. (Ahh revenge is sweet :)

One of the things we always have in the house is bananas. On Sunday we bought a bundle of bananas and then Sunday night we discovered that they had all peeled themselves after I hung them up on the banana hook. It was the most bizarre thing ever.

WTF, bananas?


So, instead of being sad, we decided to make banana bread! (via Kari's recipe) The recipe calls for five bananas but we had six casualties, so we decided to add in one extra. We also added walnuts.


I have no "after" shot because we tore into it soon after it came out of the oven. It actually overflowed a little bit in the oven. I attribute it to the extra banana and the nuts, but I have no regrets. It was yummy!

As for my training this week, I'm going to re-do last week's training and possibly skip the step-down week. I'll decide after another six miles this Saturday. Since last week was such a downer, I feel like I really need to redeem myself. My weekly running mileage since beginning training looks like this

The numbers are supposed to be going UP, not down! How important is it really to take a step-down week for someone training to run a 9.3 mile race? I'm thinking I really don't want to go back a step and keep my momentum up instead by moving forward.


  1. Awesome sweatacular run!

    I love the butt shot of cleaning the fridge! I really need to clean mine.

    Did you guys love the bread?? I'm really wishing I hadn't given so many of the muffins away now, I want to eat them!

  2. Great job on your (very sweaty) run--and a new personal distance record, woo-hoo!

  3. Pippi is attracted to bright colored things? I guess I shouldn't break it to you about the "color blindness" thing....:)

    I'm mad that your turtle didn't just go right back out in the road and kill itself. Why was mine so stupid??

  4. It's not confirmed that the turtle lived. I want pics. If your banana bread tasted like Kari's, I'm jealous. More bananas can only improve it.

    Cleaning out the fridge is my most hated thing EVER. When working at Starbucks, I would beg to clean the toilets instead.

    I don't think you need a step back week training for the 15K, especially since you are already very fit. Keep the momentum going! Congrats on your PDR! I generally look like that after runs as well. No shame in my game.

  5. Congratulations on your sweaty long run! I've been looking at foam rollers but haven't bought one yet. Nice self-peeling bananas. We have a no human-food rule for Molly Waffles. I guess it's no prepared foods. She gets some peanut butter to help swallow the occasional pill, and she gets things like apple slices (My favorite is after I cut the best parts of the apple off, I hold the core and let her nibble off more apple with her tiny little front teeth).

  6. I thought dogs weren't totally color blind, just limited to a smaller color spectrum? I don't remember anymore. Truthfully, teaching the physiology of the eye is my absolute least favorite thing (followed by the kidney). I always dreaded when that unit rolled around. Also, Pippi looks like she is pouting under the bed and Rocco looks gleeful.

    Way to go on the PDR! I'm glad you are loving The Grid! I am such a baby about foam rolling because it hurts! Oh, and if it were me, I would take the step back week, but I usually need those to keep from getting crazy burnt out. I'm not sure how important it really is for you, though.