Monday, September 12, 2011

My weekend in pictures

...because pictures are way more fun.

Yes, during my spin class on Friday, I supposedly burned 666
calories. Proof that spinning is evil.

After breakfast, before my Saturday run, I decided to sleep some more.
It was amazing. Having the house to myself has its perks.

I've had this hat for forever but just started wearing it
instead of sunglasses to run. I love it. I'm adding another
to my running wish list.

As I was heading out for my run, the mail lady was filling up our mailbox. I was excited to note that I had my Aspaeris compression shorts to look forward to when I got home! It was a good thing, because my legs were exhausted from the killer spin workout the night before, and then the (almost) 6-miles that I had just ran.

Review to come. My first impression?
My butt and thighs were purring.

Another thing I noted is that running makes your feet ugly. I
never contemplated the possibility of getting callouses on the
tips of my toes.

Applying sunscreen, whether for the beach or for running, has never been my
strong suit.

I noted in my Daily Mile explanation of my Saturday run that I ran to the end of Bobcat Point. Bobcat Point is the name of my neighborhood.

I think we're 109. Also, who adds trees to a land layout? Talk about distracting.

I never considered before how cool the name is. Bobcat. Raawrr. I felt inspired to provide proof.

Bobcats are too cool to landscape.

What did I do on Sunday? A quick demonstration.

Momma, Sundays rule when you're tired, too.

What running accessories are on your list of favorites?

Which ones are on your running wish list?

I'm considering registering for a half marathon in April. I haven't yet run a 15k. Is this too crazy of an idea?


  1. No, you are totally capable of rocking the crap out of a spring half marathon!!

    Does your butt really purr? You might want to cut back on fiber. :)

  2. Register for the half. It's totally not crazy. I decided to run a marathon before I'd run further than like 7 miles. DO IT!

    When Bungee curls up like that, we call it "cheesing" because she looks like a wheel of cheese.

    My running wish list: an entirely new running wardrobe! Oh, and another pair of shoes.

  3. Sign up - you're more than capable! Really, the roughest part about increasing your race distances is that you then have to increase training time. It starts to take a chunk out of your schedule. Physically though, you'll have no problem! And which one is it?

  4. Do it! Do it! Which half are you thinking about? I registered for the half training program before I even raced my 5K (I'd done 3.5 miles with a group once). My group starts at 2 miles for a few weeks for the half, so you could definitely do it!

    I like the name cheesing, although when Delilah curls up like that we call her meatball. Because she is made of meat and curled up in a ball.

  5. I saw a lot of you in that post. Your abs are freakin hot. I'm pretty happy with my hospital compression tights but with all you guys bragging about your fancy ones I might be adding those to my wish list. I'm obsessed with my new shoes and my skirtsport skirt. And my nathan hydration vest. You would do amazing in a half. Do it. I signed up for my first never having done more than a 10K. Which had taken place like 5 years prior. I almost started crying the first time I got up to run 7 miles and was ready to bag the whole thing.