Thursday, September 22, 2011

Free is my favorite price

First of all, I just want to say that you guys freakin rock! I should have had a giveaway a long time ago. If you haven't entered to win yet, you need to. Go do it now! Also, don't forget that if you enter, email me ( and I'll send you a coupon code to get 15% off at my etsy shop!

And now onto a recap of my workout yesterday, because spin class at the college gym is always an adventure.

My favorite torture device.

The instructor yesterday, Brie, is the one I've had before and remembered she is probably my least favorite. The last time I was in her class, we were subjected to her rants about things like JLo's relationship status and "Like, OMG, Beyoncé's pregnant!" It was like listening to an episode of E! news. I can't stand E! news. I find myself thinking, "who cares?" but then I remember what I'm watching.

Yesterday started out with Brie telling us that the last class she taught was mostly older people that didn't like the music she played during class. She then asked us to raise our hands if we were freshmen, sophomores, juniors, or seniors. This always makes me laugh on the inside because she totally doesn't know I'm one of the older people (although, to be fair, I did like her music choices). We were then subjected to her telling us all about her spring break plans. Her friends and her are going to Cabo. Do you know what I always did for Spring Break in college? I worked overtime! Who can afford to go on spring break trips?? In my head, I was secretly running her over with the bike.

So anyhow, it just sort of went on like that. I tried to block out her ramblings. We mostly did sprints, which I was glad about, because I feel like it's probably more beneficial to my running than trying to pedal through a bunch of gear increases.

The bikes we use (the exact one pictured above) have a readout right on the handlebar, so you can always see how fast you're going, your heart rate (if you're wearing a monitor, which I do), how far you've gone, etc.

Yesterday I pushed through 26 miles. It always amazes me how much further you can go on a bike as opposed to running. If I could run 26 miles in an hour, I'd be a beast!

Also, earlier this week, I put in an order at Running Warehouse because I needed more socks. I still only have one pair of the only ones that have enough cushioning for me: Thorlo Experia socks. PLUS, they come in a bazillion fun colors! (In case you're wondering, yes, I'd recommend these bad boys for happy feet while running).

I swear the colors are not the only reason I like them!

I ended up ordering two pairs: pink and electric yellow.
Who WOULDN'T order something called "electric yellow"?

I also have been checking out some thermal gear for Winter runs. I am a huge tightwad, so something really has to be at the right price for me to consider buying it. I found a thermal shirt I was interested in, marked down to $24 (from $60!), and was in my size, which is not the norm for sale items. Also, it has purple on it!

I will seduce you with my purpleness.

When I got the box, the shirt seemed way heavier than I thought it would be and when I opened up the plastic pack, I noticed they'd sent me four of them! I checked the packing slip and it said I'd ordered one. I was praying it would fit so I could keep them. It will fit great with a baselayer underneath. So, looks like I'm all set for cold-weather shirts, for $6 each ;-)

Mom, don't you think you should return the
one you didn't pay for?

Would you return the three shirts you didn't pay for?

Have you entered my giveaway yet? You have until Monday morning at 10am!


  1. Uh, that's like winning the lotto! So, now you know what to give me for Christmas and it only cost 6 dollars!

    I watch E news and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

  2. I'd like to say I'd return the shirts, but I don't know...I think I'd feel guilty about keeping them. Ugh! But free shirts. This is eating at me, now. Why'd you have to post a moral dilemma question? lol

  3. Hmmmm, would I return them? Nope but I totally would if they contacted me and asked me to return them. I actually wouldn't wash them for like 30 days to be sure that they weren't going to ask for them back. You have time too since it isn't cold....yet. I totally need to know where you ordered them from!

    Your spinning bikes are totally different from the ones my gym uses. I'd love to know how far I am going! Your bike looks way more hardcore then the ones we use are. I love cycling b/c I can get outside and do a ton of miles in like a quarter of the time I usually can on my feet! Makes me a happy girl!

  4. I would definitely keep the shirts. Their mistake! If they asked for them back I would return them, but only if.

  5. Yeah, I totally wouldn't initiate the returning process. I'd think of it as a special bonus from the company :)

    agreed. E news = worthless. "news"? please.

  6. Anyone who says they would return the shirts is lying! Cute shirt, btw! Did they send you all one color? Either way, winner is you!

  7. oh man tough question! I'm SUCH a goodie two shoes. I'd probably keep them but be guilt ridden over it!

  8. Patty@ Entertaining Angels

    I wouldn't return them either! It'd be like getting Christmas!

    and E news is blech!!!!!! I barely can watch the real news.

  9. 1. Love your new banner.
    2. Why is your spin instructor talking about spring break 7 months in advance? My one college spring break trip involved flying to FL w/a couple friends(NY-FL flights are not bad) and staying at my friend's aunt's house. Free housing. Cheap vacation. Very generous of my friend's aunt.
    3. You have high tech spin bikes. No digital display on my gym's bikes.
    4. I love Running warehouse. Best prices, free quick shipping. Free return shipping.
    5. If it fit, I'd keep the shirts. It's true. You could even sell one on Ebay and keep the other 3. But like someone else said, if the company said "whoops, we did this by accident" I would fess up.

  10. I'm with everyone else, if the company contacts you return them, otherwise free shirts! I had a similar thing happen when I placed an order with MAC. I was shipped my order twice for some reason. They never contacted me so I kept the extra makeup. I figure since I am a frequent customer they are still making money off me in the long run. This is just a bonus for being loyal. (at least this is how I kept myself from feeling guilty)

  11. You freakin lucked out! People who go back into Walmart because they forgot to ring something in their cart are crazy. Free shirts, yay! The only time I would say something is, for example, when I tried to buy honey at the Farmer's market from an old lady with a $50 bill, and she handed me back the $50 with my change, thinking it was a $5. Those big companies make so much and overcharge so bad, who cares? I love seeing my daily mile totals when I bike! Although, not to be a Debbie Downer, but I have to say when I started biking outside, I started to doubt those computer totals a tad. Either way, spin class works you out like crazy. That girl would piss me off - older people - ha! I was with you in spring break in college - I was a waitress and barista working full time all the way through, no Cabo for me!