Friday, September 16, 2011


So let's just call yesterday "slack day". I didn't post, I didn't run, I did, however, have no cavities at the dentist!

At least my flossing is up to par.

I got home from the dentist around 3pm and figured I might as well take an hour nap while I wait for the temperature to drop a bit outside so I could get my four miles done. It was a great plan, until I didn't wake up until after 6pm! I'm convinced I don't get enough sleep at night. Pippi agrees. She didn't even get up when I got in the shower. She chilled in bed the entire time I ate breakfast and got ready for work today.

Can we please just go back to sleep, Momma?

I decided that I would make today a make up 4-mile run and then, of course, tomorrow is my long (for me) run. I'm technically supposed to be taking a step-down week according to my training plan and then I decided I don't want to do that, so I'm in-between weeks. I'm going to try for 6.5 miles tomorrow. If it's not pouring outside, I feel like it'll be a nice run due to the cooler temperatures.

So, back up to why I didn't blog yesterday. I've accepted a challenge, and, if it turns out to be a success, I may be receiving baked goods in the mail. Yeah, I know. YOU'D skip blogging for a day for free baked goods, too!

Your mouth is watering. Don't lie.

So, so far since I've started training, I've had a pizza from Subway every Friday for dinner before my long run, and then oatmeal Saturday morning before my run. I feel like I shouldn't depart from this plan. Do you eat the same things before long runs? Because now it's like some sort of superstitious thing. Yeah, I'm awesome like that.

In parting, I began my commute to work this morning with this song: a chump.


  1. Subway makes pizza?

    The night before a long run, I've been eating pizza too lately. Otherwise it's pasta or something like that. I'm not really superstitious (just a little stitious) about it, but I know what my stomach can handle, so I only eat oatmeal the morning of long runs.

    I'm so excited for the finished product. I'm going to be a baking machine this weekend!

  2. I never deviate from my breakfast before long runs. Always a toasted bagel, pb and banana. The world might end if I change it up. ;)

  3. OMG, I LOVE SUBWAY PIZZA. With a fiery passion. If the caps lock didn't show that.

    I don't eat the same thing before every long run because I'm pretty sure that would make my husband murder me in my sleep.

    Kari's banana bread is worth it. :)

  4. Subway pizza? I feel like I missed something. Kari's new banner is pretty sweet, so I will forgive you for your lack of posting. This time.

  5. One of the things they tell you about long runs/walks is to practice for race day by doing the same thing. Carb load night before, same breakfast that day until you figure out what works. You're on the right page! You want nothing new race day. And you rock with posting. I am 5 days behind. Boo

  6. I totally forgot about the song Nookie!!!! Haha! that is actually a great workout song. Slack day is needed sometimes. I have slack weeks VERY often. Haha!

    Get Up & Go