Friday, September 2, 2011

A real life case of Mean Girls

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Yesterday I worked out at the UNC campus gym for the first time in a few weeks (not including spin classes). I took a Cardio & Pump class. I normally really enjoy these classes, but for some reason yesterday was different. I don't know if it's because it's a new semester at college, which means all the "kids" are trying to impress each other, but I had a generally annoyed feeling the whole time. I'll admit that I've already been annoyed about not being able to run, but this level of annoyance topped the charts.

When I work out, I work out. Normally that's how these classes are; give it your all until you're ready to go home crying to your momma. As we were working out yesterday, I noticed girls half-assing it and talking the whole time. Really?! Couldn't you do that somewhere that I'm not? Because, dude, I'm old and I could probably take you and your little makeup-caked friend.

We're too pretty to work out for realsies.

Wanna know what I realized yesterday? Kids who were born the year I graduated college (2004) are already in first grade. Kids born in 1990 are old enough this year to drink. Kids born on 9-11 are ten years old. Also, I'm going to be 30 this year. Our kids will one day think it's amazing that we were born in the "1900's" and are still alive!

Sadly, this all makes me feel really really old. The funny thing is, the girls in these classes probably think I'm their age (10 years younger than I actually am), which makes me another target in their popularity contest of cruelty. I felt like I was in high school again. And in high school I was not popular or cool. So, to say that I felt I was in high school again is a pretty accurate description. After getting the stink eye from someone born around the time I was starting middle school, for about the tenth time, I just couldn't stay an hour in that room and left at the 45-minute mark. Sometimes when I'm in a crappy situation, i remember that I'm an adult and the beauty of being an adult means I can leave whenever I want. Wee!

Today I'm taking a break from stink-eye territory to work out at the gym by my house. I really really hope Hot Gym Guy is there :)


  1. If they think you're ten years younger than you are, you should be jazzed and then kick their asses in the class.

    I really hate when people don't really try at the gym or don't work out hard enough to sweat off their make-up. Like, why are you even there!?

  2. Blog looks good!

    Here's a scary fun fact: the kindergartners starting at my school this year are class of 2024. Holy cow.

    I'm glad someone else works out at a college gym too! The instructors have assumed I am also an undergrad in the past...asking if I'm ready for finals, spring break, etc. Meanwhile, I finished grad school at said college 2 years ago. I hate the beginning of the semester, that's when everyone shows up for classes and 2 weeks later it's thinned out again. They fill up so quickly at first that I have to get there half an hour before the class starts to get "stamped in." One time in the spring during spin I watched 2 girls talking the whole time, they were pedaling slowly and not even listening to the instructor. one of them even got off her bike 15 minutes in and was standing next to it. I wanted to go yell at her for taking up a valuable space when she could be doing that out in the fitness center on a regular bike. or not on a bike.

  3. You need to beat them at their own game and get some pants that say "Juicy" on the ass and then stay on the elliptical until you get just a tiny patch of sweat on your lower back. You know. :)

  4. I fully support Kara's suggestion of the "Juicy" shorts, and will add that you must post photos. The whole stolen-images from random sites on the internet thing isn't as interesting as when I get to make fun of actual photos of a blogger.

  5. Gross. I hate undergrads! This is my first year working off campus and I'm so excited to miss the morons in their Ugg boots and mini skirts in 90 degree weather,