Monday, September 19, 2011

A tiny taste of that season after Summer

Hi everyone. Pippi here. I like to poop. And chew on my
Nylabones. And eat and drink and poop some more.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program :)

So, HI! How was your weekend? Mine started out with my first ever chilly, rainy run Saturday morning. I felt ok during the six miles, but as soon as I got home, I couldn't wait for the ten minutes to tick by with ice on my knee (which started hurting again. argh!) so that I could get in the shower. Oh and a marvelously warm shower it was. I was actually surprised by how comfortable I felt on the run even though it was pretty chilly out. When cars passed by me, I felt like a badass and hoped the people in the car said things like, "look at that crazy-in-the-rain runner" and "wow, that's dedication". You see, in my head, everyone's a fan of my work. Everyone.

(17 miles last week, kids! It's a personal weekly record. Wahoo!)

Amanda and I then ran some "fun" errands. One place we went was the running store, with the money I had in my "running money" jar. They didn't have the things I actually went in for (socks), but I did get these bad boys:
I think I'm going to start wearing hats more
often so I can look mysterious all the time.

It was on sale. And it's purple. It was calling out
to me.

My favorite part of the beanie is the "hair hole" 

It's impossible to take a picture with a wiggly puppy.

We also went to this awesome store in Chapel Hill called A Southern Season. It's an amazing place where you can get things you "need"
The most amazing thing ever invented.

And things you never knew you needed
I mean, who DOESN'T need tiny frog salt-and-pepper shakers
for $4.00?

After we showed Jeremy our purchases, I turned my back to make dinner, and this happened in literally .5 milliseconds.

She leaps like she's a freakin leopard (leopards leap, right?) and then ten minutes later, after I recovered from cracking up, I set her back on the ground and removed her spring.

On Sunday I tried to take her running. The plan was to do an easy 2-mile recovery run. I figured Pippi would be pulling me over. HA! She was trailing behind. She stopped to poop, smell things, and refused to move her legs faster than a fast walk. So much for the fun running partner.

And now I have something serious to discuss with you guys. So, while I was at my running store (Fleet Feet, in case you're curious), I got annoyed like I do every time, about the price of Sweaty Bands! Are you KIDDING me, $15? I really gotta make it big somehow with my headbands. Mine are clearly the best, as they are made with love. And sunshine. (And sell for $6!)

I'm thinking the first thing I need is a fun name for them. All I can come up with is "Emy Bands," but that's admittedly kinda lame, right? Or do we like it? Any ideas?

Oh, and while we're on the subject, I added two new headband designs and a new collar design today. 

There's also a piggie headband!
Also, don't forget about the Create-your-own Halloween themes.

P.S. Two giveaways are coming and a little birdie told me the first one starts tomorrow!


  1. Your dog is spring loaded! That is ridic. She might be a better runner on grass. Like if you're on a sidewalk and she runs on the lawns, she'll probably be a lot faster.

    I'll brainstorm on names, but you should talk to your local running store about carrying your bands! It's worth a shot right?

  2. I really like the black and white one!

    I bet if you had a booth at a local 5K or something, you'd sell a ton of them!

    You know, you can shower first, put on warm sweats, get something hot and THEN ice your knees. Silly.

  3. Your bands are awesome. I haven't tried sweaty bands, but I'm just going to go ahead and say yours are waaaay better and at least 999% more awesome. and I love the black and white pattern.

    I definitely think your local store should sell them. By the counter. We really need a campaign to get more runners to try them, because I think when they do/did, they'd be hooked like me.

  4. Zalary you are my new favorite person! Thanks so much for speaking so highly of my "product" :) if I ever go and try to sell them, I'm taking you along as my spokesperson!

    How do we start this campaign? Because I'm ready!

  5. Holy crap, pigs! Not quite as cool as dinosaurs, but close! My mom said to tell you that you did a great job on the collars, by the way. You might want to try to get some of the big running bloggers (SUAR, EMZ, Hungry Runner Girl, etc) to host a giveaway for some headbands. Huge reader count=lots of exposure. Also, a booth or table at a local race or expo would be smart too. You could also try to get some local shelters to sell collars. I'll think of a name. Then you have to hire me!

    Also, you get no sympathy on spring-loaded dog until she ends up on your refrigerator. Then we should probably figure out how to combine our two dogs to make a super spring loaded government weapon dog.