Thursday, September 8, 2011

The risk of promising yourself rewards

I'm back! I know you missed me yesterday (Even if you didn't, just pretend. I like to think I'm missable).

On Tuesday at work, we were evacuated from our offices twice during the day due to a tornado touch-down in the area. This has been the strangest Summer for storms. Apparently, at the house, there was a power surge that wiped out Jeremy and Amanda's computer AND the internet. I was home sick yesterday (I'm getting sick of the dizzies now!) so I was unconnected. Fortunately, the modem was able to be salvaged. The computer, however, not so much. (If you have your computer plugged into a surge protector, make sure the phone line is, too, or it will not help if there's a power surge...apparently).

Chillin in the hallway with all the coworkers. A little awkward.

So, after making my 6-mile PDR and earning my running skirt last weekend, I realized that I can't actually afford the skirt. Those things ain't cheap! Since I will be needing new running gear soon for the cold weather also, I've decided that for the number of miles I run per week, I will put that amount of dollars into a jar and that will be my running gear money. Payday is tomorrow, so I'll be putting in this weeks' (hopefully) $17.00 as well as last weeks' measly $11.00. Hmm, unless I also count my spinning miles which would bring me up to $36.00 for last week. I'm thinking I'm not that rich, though.

High-tech, I know.

For some reason lately, I've been getting little itchy bite marks on my legs. I know what you're thinking, but neither Pippi nor Rocco has fleas and both are on flea and tick prevention. Since it's only on my legs, I'm pretty sure I'm not getting it from my bed, although believe me, the thought scares the begeesus out of me. Just to be sure, yesterday I stripped down my bed and washed everything in hot water. Pippi has been spending nights on the purple chair instead of on the bed lately, so I figured it will be nice to have a really clean bed to myself, but as I was putting the duvet cover back on, she snuck underneath, and fell asleep there. (Not under the sheet, I assure you).

Not spoiled at all. Not ONE bit!

I figured she'd get hot and move, but she didn't. When I crawled under the sheet, I touched her back and it was HOT. She's like a little 4-legged heater! I have a feeling this Winter she and I are going to be doing a lot of body heat sharing. She doesn't know it yet but her momma has chronically cold hands and feet.

I got a text yesterday from Jeremy to look up the definition of "Pip" on This might as well be the definition of Pippi. I'm even more convinced that I named her so well!

How did you get the name for your pet(s)?
I've heard some great names lately!

When I say the word "bedbugs" do you feel like they're all over you?
Because I do now. Funny how that happens.

You're welcome :)


  1. Geez, bedbugs, thanks for that.

    I like the running fund idea. You'll have a skirt in no time. Just be careful when you get up there with crazy mileage :).

    Having Bungee last winter was the greatest thing ever. She'd lay with me on the couch under blankets and keep me warm and stay in bed with me and cuddle when I was freezing. Dogs are awesome portable if only I could bring her to work to sit on my feet.

  2. Ugh, bed bugs would be such a nightmare!

    I came up with Peanut because when we first got her, she peed a lot and was nuts. Once her bladder infection was treated, she didn't pee as much, but she was still nuts. Funny thing is that most people insist that Peanut is a boy dog name.

  3. I named our first dog Sparkle. Yes, Sparkle. It was after a Phish song named Sparkle and I thought it would make her happy like the song. That works right? She was special.

    Snuggling with our pups is the best thing ever. I actually love listening to our black lab breath. She is very calming and yogic. I swear!

  4. Ew. Bedbugs. My skin is crawling now. Thanks. Glad you survived the tornado! Everyone hung out in the hallway like that during the earthquake, it was totally lame.

  5. Umm, I actually did miss you the other day. I kept wondering where your post was!

    I named her Delilah because I love the name but you can't name your daughter after a biblical prostitute. I also kind of like the name Jezebel...better get another dog! I wanted to name the cat General Tso, but I was shot down for "being inappropriate."