Friday, November 9, 2012


Two weeks of not being able to work out and I'm GOING INSANE!

I've already signed up for a spin class this afternoon and I have grand plans of going for a run tomorrow since it's probably the last weekend of beautifully warm weather for a while. This is either a really great plan or a really super dumb plan. I'll let you know.

Shut up, Johnny.


  1. I workout/run while I'm sick just for that reason, I'd rather avoid the crazies. I mean if I'm unable to walk or vomiting, I won't run, but anything else, I'm out there.

  2. Unless I'm coughing up blood, I'm running. If there is blood, I'll just do an easy 4. I'm so inspirational.

    1. I did an easy 4 today. No blood in sight. It was just because I'm lazy.

    2. Does this mean I have to run my 10K tomorrow despite feeling like my head is now made of balloon?

      Glad you are up to spinning, Emily!

  3. Being sick is the worst. Glad you are feeling better today!

  4. Hey! New reader! :)I'm sorry to hear you've been sick recently. I hope you get better soon. 2 weeks of working out would make me veeery unhappy as well!