Monday, March 25, 2013

Operation #RAGE

You know that stuff the dentist shoots into your gums before drilling into your teeth? This morning I had three shots of it put into the muscles of my lower back. Shockingly, it did nothing for the pain in my SPINE. Last week my chiropractor let me know that he was sending me to another doctor to prescribe inti-inflammatory drugs to try to help heal my back. I don't need freaking PAIN MANAGEMENT. But that's ok, because it didn't stop the pain anyway. Throwing money away? Not really my thing. So frustrating!

Pain management at its finest.

In good news...

Looks what's sitting in my dining room, waiting to be installed!
That, my friends, is 17 beautiful boxes of laminate (fake wood) flooring. My building manager finally approved for me to use funds from my stewardship account to replace the nasty carpet on my first floor. My friend and his dad are going to install it and I can't wait. (FYI: For the flooring, quarter rounds for around the walls, and the padding, the total was less than $600. Need a deal on just about anything? I will find it!)

 Case in point:
I smell a cheap lunch.

Now, where to find affordable rugs?

Don't spend too much, mom. I need more new toys!

Also, know what I found out today, by accident? Friday is a work holiday! I didn't even know! Best news I could have ever hoped for today. Four-day work week FTW!


  1. If you're not looking for something fancy, you can get nice carpet remnants from Home Depot usually. Ikea is good too.

    As for the shots, did you ask the doc why he was doing that? I would have refused.

  2. That sucks! Sorry to hear that! I have no idea what a good price on laminant is, so I'll take your word on it. But I'm pretty sure free labor is always a win. YUM what did you get at Moes? That's the best burrito chain IMHO!

  3. If you have a Big Lots there check them out for a good price on rugs. It's nothing super nice but it gets the job done for our dogs to have something to lay on in our den since we have laminate flooring in there.

  4. Hope the back is getting better by now! I want to rip my carpet out and put in laminate so bad! my husband does not. sad and true story.

  5. Oh, I miss Moe's. I used to eat lunch there once a week.