Thursday, April 4, 2013

Home Improvement failure

Ever since I bought my house, I've had all kinds of ideas about how to make cheap home improvements. I've really only so far mentioned the successful projects. Last weekend I had a rash of unsuccessful projects and started my week off feeling like a total failure. At least at work I know what I'm doing...usually.

Late summer last year, I bought a cheap ($30) 5-shelf bookcase from Target.
Laminate/wood composite crap

It's one of the ones that is literally held together by the cheap fold-out backing, which is nailed onto the frame. Basically: if you ever want to move it after you build it, good luck!

And that's just what I tried to do: move it. By myself. The bottom collapsed.

Now I needed a place to put my books! Soooo I decided to take the hand-me-down TV stand I was going to try to sell on Craigslist (also made of laminate and not selling anyway) and paint it.

Let's just make a long story short: you cannot paint laminate least, not successfully.

The other project I wanted to attempt was making a "rug" out of a canvas drop cloth. Sounds really lame, right? I know, but hear me out. Several posts on Pinterest told me it was possible and people have been successful. Since I will soon need some area rugs and I can't afford them, I figured buying a $10 drop cloth and using some leftover paint was worth a try. I had it all laid out and ready to go and then I got cold feet. My confidence was shaken. I just couldn't GO ON!

Ok, it wasn't that bad. I only softly wept...and then consoled myself with frozen yogurt.

There was one "home improvement" project that was successful, however.


Too much?


  1. Pretty! Love the vase. Did you paint that?

  2. Painting laminate, it can be done, but you really gotta rough it up, prime it, and do lots of waiting around for curing time. I like how the flowers turned out. :)

    1. Thanks Cathleen! And I think I'll stick to buying "real" furniture from now on that will last a long long time. Consignment shops, here I come!

  3. Wait, so why didn't you do the drop cloth carpet?

  4. Haven't you ever wondered why people sand things before they paint? I don't even do DIY stuff and I know that :P

  5. i didn't know you had to sand either so don't let Kara get you down.

  6. Wait, why do you just now need area rugs? Puppy? Your post of crying Beek means you win the internet today.

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