Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Of canine injuries and awesomely bad 80s jams

This past weekend I was tasked with the duty of dog-sitting Rocco again while my brother and some other mutual friends of ours went camping...and didn't invite me. But I'm over it...whatever!

An overview in pictures because, you know, if you can't say something nice and all that.

Lunch with the lovely ladies I'll be running City of Oaks with in November.

I didn't take a picture of it, but I also got a $50 parking ticket, which I've contested. Parking in Chapel Hill can suck it.

 Pippi vs. cat.
I made this one small. You're welcome.

(She got out the door to chase a cat while I was bringing Rocco in from his morning walk. Just from running at full speed a short distance to chase the damn cat into a sewer, all her claws started bleeding. I don't ever have to trim her back claws because they stay short, so she must just run with her claws at an odd angle).

Also, ever since this incident, every time we go for a walk she has to check out every sewer we walk past. She learns her lessons the hard way, this one.

high-tech dogshaming

Yes, that's how I spent my Sunday, followed by lots of wiping up of blood spots and washing rugs and blankets and towels. Dogs are AWESOME!

The high spot of my weekend?
iTunes is my hero.
I may or may not have sang out loud with headphones the dogs (ha HA...payback!) 

Did YOU enjoy your three-day weekend?


  1. Pippi has some delicate lady feet. Or maybe Peanut has never run as hard as Pippi. :)

  2. I feel your pain with the bleeding nails. We have a bleeder in our house too. So far, we haven't found the correct mix of powder and pressure to make it stop. But I can say that Hot Spot gets blood out of carpet nicely.
    And thanks for putting that song in my head.

  3. Nails bleed forever! No fun cleaning up 100's of tiny blood stains:(