Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Three random facts

 ...because my life is kinda boring.

Fact 1: I like lumpy food.
Allow me to elaborate. You know how mashed potatoes aren't supposed to have lumps? I'd make them with lumps (Ross would want to eat my mashed potatoes). Also, when I have leftover rice and there are rice clumps? Those are my favorite. Also, lumpy oatmeal. Delicious.

Fact 2: I don't love thunderstorms.
You know how everyone claims to just love thunderstorms? I don't get it. What exactly is so appealing about them? The dog gets nervous, they knock out the power, thunder is loud... I don't see the appeal.

Fact 3: My dog is extremely modest.

What are your thoughts on thunderstorms? Any insight into why people love them so much?


  1. When it comes to oatmeal, definitely like it lumpy. Everything else...probably not lumpy! I like thunderstorms. Yes those downsides SUCH, but I love the sound and the lightening (I was a wildland firefighter, so thunderstorms usually meant a job!!).

  2. I agree, I hate thunderstorms. Our last dog was TERRIFIED of them (and fireworks, and fire alarms) and would freak out so I have learned to hate them.