Monday, May 19, 2014

Bandwagon jumper

First off, I would like to report that I not only jumped on the Game of Thrones (show) bandwagon, but I am now caught all the way up! I never thought I'd ever watch it, mainly because I don't have cable, but then my Sister-in-law hooked me up with her HBO password and it was a 2-week-long love affair.

...know what I'm sayin?

Just in case you didn't know what I was sayin.

Normally I'd read the books before watching the movie (or TV show as it were), but I fear that would just confuse me even more and I think I'm finally understanding most of the storylines...but I'm probably wrong about that.

I did learn one very important thing, though. When the time comes, I think I'll just elope.

Of course, now that I'm caught up and will have to wait week-to-week to catch the next episode just like everyone else, I'm looking for another series to get hooked on. Suggestions are welcomed.

In other news, I spent yesterday at my best friend's house, playing with her adorable children.

I'm kid friendly.

I may need to make borrowing her kids my new hobby. I mean...
Waking up to this face every day? Umm..ok!

Back at the ranch (aka-my humble abode), I dog-sat Rocco this weekend.


I've watched him several times before at my house and we're buds, but it always astounds me how such an adorable creature can be so stubborn. I take him on a walk and he's all "look at me. I'm prancing like a princess," and I'm all like, "Dude, I have to walk you two separately. I'm late for work. Just find a place to poop. I'll tell you you're pretty later." To which he responds by staring at the neighbor hoping his mind powers (and good looks, obviously) will entice him to come over and pet him. And when it doesn't, he lifts his leg and pees...for like three minutes the neighbor's yard right in front of him. I love you, buddy, but when you're gone, I still have to live here!

I make sure the neighbors stay away, Aunt Emily.

My house has been well-guarded this weekend, for sure.

In closing, I just couldn't resist...
Sorry, Theon.


  1. I've got to watch an episode of this show someday and see if I dig it. I have heard it compared to LotR, which I don't really care for, but everyone makes it sound so good ;)

  2. I just said to Mike I need a new show since there are only three episodes left THIS YEAR but the problem is everything else ever pales in comparison so I'm screwed.

  3. The books are so good! you should read them sometime. I just watched Vikings. Season 2 just ended, it is on the History channel and is amazing

  4. Ooh i might have to check out Vikings!