Monday, January 5, 2015

Back to the running posts

This weekend I was browsing iTunes and came across a Greatest Hits jackpot.

$5.99 for 16 songs. Hell to the yeah.

It looks like for today's run I'm takin it back to high school (and maybe even middle school?).

Speaking of running, training has been interesting. Since we're focusing on getting faster, I've been running faster than normal 3- and 4- milers exclusively so far, beginning runs with agility work, and finishing them with stretching and ab work. For example, 8 25-second planks with 10-second breaks in between. I just have to keep telling myself that it's making me better.

funny animated GIF

The cracks and pops I experience in my body after getting out of bed in the morning are epic.

Since I'm going for a certain pace per mile when I'm running, I've decided to dig out and use my Garmin 305 again. Runkeeper's GPS has been gypping me probably a tenth of a mile for each actual mile that I run and that's just not gonna work. I realized that the 305 isn't bluetooth compatible and I don't own a personal computer, so uploading workouts to track my progress becomes slightly obnoxious. And so, I've been pining over the Garmin 220. It's not even almost in the budget.  I've been having an internal struggle of want vs. need. Being a responsible adult is ruining my LIFE!

Drama queen? What's that mean?

...and it's purple!

What running/biking/swimming/general distance tracking app do you use? Have you ever had an issue with it not crediting you with all your mileage?

I'm considering blaming RunKeeper for my not reaching my distance goal for 2014 by 5 miles. But then I decided instead to just not set one for 2015 and move on. Problem solved!


  1. I use a Garmin 910xt and it's great...unless I'm swimming in open water. The thing loses satellites constantly in open water.

  2. I have the Garmin 220 and I love it:) Much better than my 110 that never held a charge:/ Hopefully the 220 will miraculously fit into the budget soon;)