Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Podcast virgin no more

This morning I discovered something I probably should have discovered a while ago: podcasts. I knew they existed and were popular, but not necessarily what exactly they were. It turns out it's like listening to chapters of a book on tape...for free. The Netflix of books on tape, if you will.

I'm a big fan of things like Investigation Discovery, crime "whodunnit" shows, and horror movies. I'm fairly surprised that, based on my Netflix and Google search histories, I haven't yet been investigated by the authorities. It's just all so fascinating!

I'd been hearing about this podcast called Serial and wondering what the big deal was. When I found out it's a nonfiction murder mystery, I already knew what had to be done.

My bus rides to-and-from work are about to get interesting.

So far it's pretty enthralling. The only thing that's hanging me up, though, is that some of the information is quite detailed (the crime scene, for instance), and I can't see it! HelLO...visual learner over here. I even Googled images of the scene.

Reaction GIF: no

I'm also excited to announce that it's 50 degrees and sunny here in central NC, while just south of DC where I moved from seven years ago?

Cloud barf.

It's not a ton of snow, but as anyone in northern VA knows, even the smallest snowfall means PANIC! and everyone forgets how to drive. To not have to be dealing with that today? Priceless.

Are there any other podcasts I should check out?


  1. I'm obsessed with serial. I have been listening while I eat lunch. We work in the same district that all the students went to school in and Eric even knows Adnan's track coach! We drive by Woodlawn high all the time!

    1. Duuuude. I'm so hooked! I'm on episode 10 and there are only 12. My life is about to get very very sad. Since I grew up in northern VA, I remember hearing about all the places they talk about on the podcast, in the news. Well, now i know i have someone to talk to about it! How far along are you?

  2. Serial is great. Can't wait for the next season. I just started This American Life. it's by the same producers as Serial, and is pretty good. I used to listen to NPR's Fresh Air and Car Talk. Both good, but not as engaging as Serial.