Monday, May 2, 2011

The 30-day blog challenge: days 1 and 2


Thanks to Megan, I have a new project for the month of May: The 30-day Blog Challenge. I took three different "Challenge" lists from three different blogs and mish-mashed the subjects to create my own list. (That's probably cheating, but hey, it's my blog....muahahahaha).

Now, it just occurred to me that May has 31 days, and today is technically day two. It looks like I have a bit of catching up to do. (Sorry day 31, you can roll back over and pretend you aren't paying attention).
  1. A recent picture of yourself and 15 interesting facts about you
  2. The meaning behind your blog name
  3. Your views on drugs and alcohol
  4. A habit you wish you didn't have
  5. Songs that match your current mood
  6. Pictures of things that make you happy
  7. Your zodiac sign and how it fits your personality
  8. A moment you felt most satisfied with your life
  9. Something from the past few days you're proud of
  10. Something you're afraid of
  11. Put your iPod on shuffle and list the first ten songs that pop up
  12. List the events of your day in bullet-points
  13. Discuss a place you'd like to move to or visit
  14. Post a picture of you and your family
  15. Something you miss
  16. Post a picture of yourself that has a story behind it
  17. Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why
  18. Discuss some firsts in your life
  19. Someone who fascinates you and why
  20. Talk about your parents
  21. Things you own that are your favorite color
  22. What's in your purse?
  23. Pictures of five famous men who you find attactive
  24. Something you've learned
  25. Describe your dream house
  26. Describe your dream wedding
  27. A problem that you have had
  28. Something that stresses you out
  29. Your favorite foods
  30. A picture of yourself this day and five good things that happened since you started the 30-day challenge

Ok, here we go! (Are you excited?)
  1. A recent picture of yourself and 15 interesting facts about you
1. I have a twin brother
2. I have a double-jointed thumb
3. To me, peanut butter is the perfect food
4. I hate driving. If I were rich, I'd hire a driver
5. Looking back, I wish I had never highlighted my hair. Just think of all that wasted money!
6. I get anxiety over being on time, and I'm always early
7. I can't stand The Cranberries, Sugarland, or the "P" word for vomit
8. I worry that I will never marry, be forced to live alone, and become "The crazy dog lady" (I don't like cats).
 9. When I get to work in the morning, I check my personal email, Facebook, and Blogger, before even opening my work email. (shhhh!)
10. Using my credit card to pay for things gives me all kinds of anxiety.
11. I learned of Bin Laden's death from Facebook before the news.
12. I've been home from VA for less than 24 hours and I miss my mom.
13. The most sore I've been in my life is the day after my first day skiing.
14. I don't dig discussing politics or religion.
15. The fact that the people who work at my gym know me by name makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

 And now, for #2: The meaning behind your blog name

in the between is actually a blog name I came up with a few years ago. I set up this blog and then never posted anything. (Yeah, I know. "Cold feet" I guess). I then started a Tumblr blog called Just Live Through It (which is my mantra). When I decided to give up the tumblr blog for a blogger one, I wanted it to be Just Live Through It, but since I already had this blog set up, I decided to roll with it.

"In the between" sort of describes where I feel I always am in life. I'm not at the beginning and *I hope* I'm not at the end. Even when I begin or finish something in my life, there's always another beginning around the corner.

And then, just cuz it's funny
I probably should
have been a
12-year-old boy.



  1. You don't LIKE Sugarland??? I'm both horrified and disappointed :)

  2. I've tried, Kara, I really have. I promise! There's just something about her voice I can't quite get past.

  3. Dang it! Now I wish I would have mix and matched my topics. lol!

    I actually LIKE to use my credit card cause I like getting the rewards :)

  4. i love these kinds of things!!!!!! so awesome! I need to do one...first time on your blog!!!!!

  5. I don't like Sugarland either! and I am so very glad I don't higlight my hair anymore. It's all natural and all me. Loved the post! (I'm really considering joining in with you guys on this challenge!)