Thursday, May 5, 2011

Challenge: Days 4 and 5

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

(I really wish this pinata was in  my office right now and that I was armed with a baseball bat. Happy Thursday!)

This is officially my second post where I am having to include two days of the blog challenge for missing a post yesterday. Does that mean I lose the challenge? It's a good thing I'm both the challenger and the challengee because I say...let the challenge continue!

4.  A habit you wish you didn't have
I apply chapstick like it's my job. I wish it was my job because I do it so well, they'd have to give me a raise. And a Christmas bonus. 
If my Burt's Bees falls to the bottom of my purse and I can't find it, or I get stuck in a meeting and forget to bring it, I get a flash of anxiety. OH MY GOD MY LIPS WILL FALL OFF! Ok, so it's not that bad...sorta.

 5. Songs that match your current mood
"Roll With It" - Easton Corbin

"Somewhere in Between" - Lifehouse

"The Lazy Song" - Bruno Mars (The video is too awesome not to share

Today I'm feeling a little indifferent. I'm feeling uneasy because I have plans after work today and tomorrow, so I have to switch up my workouts. Also, the weekend is around the corner (yay!) but there's one more day of work before it gets here (ugh). The thought of waking up this morning made me want to sink into my bed and disappear. I actually slept through breakfast time, which is unheard of. But, alas, life goes on. And the weekend's weather is supposed to be awesome.



  1. Maybe you didn't want to wake up because it was 3AM?? Crazy girl!

    I love Bruno Mars. Fun fact: I had a crazy crush on a guy named Bruno in elementary school. :)

  2. Ahh, I love lifehouse. One on my most favorite groups ever.

    Yay for upcoming gorgeous weather!

  3. OOO Gorgeous weather means fun outdoors stuff! :)

    I like burts bees chapstick too.

  4. Kara, I am officially making it my life's goal to marry someone named Bruno.